When I hear the word detox, three things usually come to mind: juicing, fasting, and starving. Detox is less about depriving your body of something good and about adding more good to your body by ridding it of toxins. Food is not only nourishment, but it also instructs your cells what to do in every moment. Toxins and poor food choices inhibit our bodies from responding to nutrients properly. I recently attended a Juice Press Wellness Wednesday event where I met health counselor Arielle Haspel. Here are her five ways to detox without food or juice.

Why? Fat cells leave your body through sweat, water, and fiber (poop).

How? Drink half of your body weight in ounces. For example, if you are 150 pounds you should be drinking approximately 75 ounces of water. That’s about 8-10 glasses of water.

Like everything else, you have to do what’s right for you and it all depends upon your body type, environment, and lifestyle. If you can’t drink 75 ounces of water, don’t force yourself to drink that much. Start slow. But just make sure to hydrate. Check out how I get my eight glasses daily.

Why? Your tongue is an organ, and an important one. Your tongue hosts some of the most disgusting bacteria. Not only does this practice freshen breath, but it also awakens your taste buds. The better you taste your food, the less food you’ll need to feel satiated.

Also, there are many who believe that the tongue is a great diagnostic tool. Some are able to read what’s wrong with your body just by looking at your tongue.

How? Grab a tongue scraper from your local drug store like this one from Dr. Tung’s or a spoon. Start from the back and scrape the fungus, bacteria, and food residue off your tongue. You’ll see this white gunk collect on your scraper. Rinse. Repeat until the white gunk is clear. Don’t forget to wash your scraper with hot water at the end.

You read it HERE on Lean Girls Club first.

Why? Coconut oil is an antibacterial.

How? Add it to your tea, cooking, or even use it on your skin. It’s counter intuitive to think that oil can heal, but it can. Use coconut oil as a moisturizer, night cream, or your acne solution. Want an extra kick? Add turmeric, which is another great antibacterial, to target some of your worst acne. Or maybe you’d like to try oil pulling?

Why? Digestion begins in the mouth. Your mouth not only has gross bacteria as mentioned in point 2, but it also has digestive enzymes that break down your food. The more work you do in your mouth, the less your stomach’s digestive system has to do. Chewing changes the textures of food and brings out richer flavors. It also helps with weight-loss because your body has a moment to catch up and realize that it doesn’t need as much food.

How? Aim to chew your food 15-30 times until the food liquifies. That may sound gross at first, but I promise it enhances the taste of your food. Again, the point is so that your stomach will have to do less work. If you liquify your food and it doesn’t taste great, it probably means that the food wasn’t that good in the first place. Try this exercise with two raw almonds. Find a quiet place. Sit and chew two raw almonds 30 times. Be aware of the texture of the almonds and how it changes with each chew. Notice how the oils in the almonds come out? After 30 chews, then swallow. How did you feel?

Thanks to Arielle for these great detox tips. I found my short time with Arielle to be inspiring, uplifting, and empowering. She’s a breath of fresh air! I hope you’ll check out her website Be Well With Arielle for more wellness tips, recipes, and inspiration. Thanks again to Juice Press for hosting. You can even find a picture with me and Arielle on Instagram!


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  • Great tips! I am going to try using coconut oil more, I do use it for my hair but never put in my food.

    • @BajanBeauty80:disqus – not sure how I missed your comment! I haven’t tried coconut oil for my hair yet (since it’s already oily) but I’ve heard it does wonders. I also use it for my face. I mix it with brown sugar or sea salt and use it as an exfoliator.

  • Annmarie L

    Awesome tips! Love the idea of scraping the tongue!!!

    • @annmarie_l:disqus – you just reminded me that I need to do that. Makes total sense though, right? All that bacteria in our mouths…

  • Leanne

    Great post.

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    Juice cleanses drive me crazy! I could never, ever do one. Love your suggestions! I have yet to do oil pulling…it still kinda grosses me out, but I might have to give it a swirl! 😉

    • @alysiaslimsanity:disqus – I have to admit that I don’t do it consistently but it’s not as bad as it sounds. I would suggest putting the coconut oil in the fridge for a bit so it’s a bit more solid. It feels better to me when a solid spoonful of coconut oil goes into my mouth that the oil form. When it melts in your mouth, it has a soothing feeling. Too much info?

  • I just bought some coconut oil and I started using it when I cook. I can taste the coconut oil sometimes but nothing major. But I do want to try it out on my skin!