TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: Must Have Items For Lean Girls

Travel Essentials for Lean and Fit Girls
I’ve been traveling a lot this month: DC, Chicago, NYC, Dallas, Virginia…and living on the go I’m really particular about what I take with me on the road. I can’t live without and maintain my fit and lean lifestyle without these travel essentials. They not only help me stay healthy when I’m away from home, but they are multi-functional and keep me light on my feet (literally). Here are the must-have travel essentials for all fit, Lean Girls.

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Illuminating: for those who have raved about my skin, this is my secret potion. It doubles as my foundation and gives me medium coverage with a dewy finish. It also has SPF 20. (Nordstrom | $43)

2. Asics Gel Cumulus 15: I don’t go anywhere without my running shoes. Running keeps me active no matter where I am. These are the first thing I pack no matter where I go. I have no excuse to not be active while I’m away. Remember to pick your shoes based on your form and gait, not based on how they look! (Nordstrom | $120)

3. Smart Water: After I pass the security check point, I always buy a liter of water. Whether you’re transportation of choice is air, rail, or car, traveling is taxing and dehydrating. Always have water on you. It not only hydrates you, but it energizes you and keeps you from unnecessary snacking. And yes, I always choose Smart Water. I am one of those people who can taste the difference between difference brands of water.

4. Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter: my friend Erin gave me my first mini-tub of this Vaseline Lip Therapy. Growing up, my mom used Vaseline for everything. It was like how the mother in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ used Windex for everything. I use this for my lips, cuticles, dry skin, eyelashes (it makes them look longer), and more. ( Walgreens | Price Varies)

5. SNACKS (Granny Smith Apples, McCann’s Instant Oatmeal Packets, Kind Bars): I pack healthy snacks because I never know what my options are for food when I arrive at my airport or hotel. Besides, airports and hotel foods are expensive. Granny Smith apples have the least amount of sugar, McCann’s oatmeal keeps me feeling full and can be made almost anywhere, and Kind Bars are not only low in sugar but tasty. All three are nice to have in my purse if I haven’t had time for lunch…which happens a lot these days. They hold me over until I have time to sit for a meal. Always be prepared!!! It’s when you’re caught unprepared that you make poor choices for yourself. Arm yourself with apples, oatmeal, and Kind Bars!

6. Farmasthetics Skin Care: My friend and esthetician Elizabeth introduced me to this all-natural, apothecary-inspired skin care line from Rhode Island. With all the travel, it’s amazing that my skin doesn’t break out. Not only do I get facials from Elizabeth at Skin Boutique, but I use Farmasethtics products to maintain the great work she does. I love that the products are all-natural, herbal, and hand made. The aromas of lavender, mint, honey, and more are intoxicating. These products relax me after a long day of work. I love the
Fine Herbal Cleanser and Nourishing Lavender Milk. The Nourishing Lavender Milk can be used on the face and body. ( Farmasthetics | $38 )

7. Frends Taylor Headphones: I love anything rose gold and I love these particular head phones from Frends because they’re stylish… and they’re not Beats! I love how girly these are. They allow me to listen to music and watch movies without disturbing my neighbor, and they cancel any noise in my hotel room. ( Amazon | $199 )

Time To Sound Off: What can’t you live without when you travel? What are some of your must-haves?


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