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Cross Fit NYC

June 12, 2013

There are a few fitness classes in NYC that have cult-like followings. Soul Cycle and Barry’s Bootcamp to name a few. I recently tried an intro class at Cross Fit NYC. Cross Fit NYC is about functional movements, movements you do on a daily basis, and performing them at high intensity for long distances. This means you’ll do exercises that emulate what you do in real life. Sitting in a chair, that’s a squat. Picking up boxes and moving them, that’s a dead lift. The whole point of Cross Fit is not to push tires or lift heavy weights, although you do a lot of that, but rather to do exercises that will allow you to perform daily activities better. Storing your carry-on in the overhead compartment should be easier, moving day should be less strenuous, or you should be able to carry groceries home without resting. I love this…

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