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Cross Fit NYC

June 12, 2013

There are a few fitness classes in NYC that have cult-like followings. Soul Cycle and Barry’s Bootcamp to name a few. I recently tried an intro class at Cross Fit NYC. Cross Fit NYC is about functional movements, movements you do on a daily basis, and performing them at high intensity for long distances. This means you’ll do exercises that emulate what you do in real life. Sitting in a chair, that’s a squat. Picking up boxes and moving them, that’s a dead lift.
Cross Fit NYC Black Box
The whole point of Cross Fit is not to push tires or lift heavy weights, although you do a lot of that, but rather to do exercises that will allow you to perform daily activities better. Storing your carry-on in the overhead compartment should be easier, moving day should be less strenuous, or you should be able to carry groceries home without resting. I love this mentality! Why waste time on bicep curls? You don’t ever do a bicep curl in real life!
Cross Fit NYC Black Box
Cross Fit NYC has two locations in midtown Manhattan. The intro class is free. But unlike other fitness programs where you can drop in at any level or any time, Cross Fit NYC requires that you enroll in a two week training program that reviews the basics and mechanics before you’re allowed to take regular classes. Classes aren’t cheap, but they sure seem worth it. While the class was 40 minutes, we worked out for 10 minutes total, and it was extremely efficient and heart pumping. While some of you may be laughing at 10 minutes, I assure you that 10 minutes in Cross Fit is no joke. Me and my friends were extremely sore the next day and sweat a ton. See the sweat glistening on my face?
Cross Fit NYC Black Box
I loved the challenge, the environment (no meat heads like my regular gym!), and seeing the room for growth. The instructors were super nice, knowledgeable, lean, and strong. I would, however, like to try other Cross Fit organizations around the city to see how they differ. But overall, was pleased with Cross Fit NYC.

For more info and to sign up for your free class: Check out the Cross Fit NYC Website

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