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Random Goodness

June 29, 2012

1. Congrats to Marcie for winning the Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp DVD– Get ready to feel the burn! 2. On Sunday I had the opportunity to share my weight-loss journey with my church, The Journey 🙂 We shot this video to supplement what I said on Sunday and this isn’t a how-to video by any means, it’s  rather a sharing of how I’ve struggled with always wanting more (weight loss) and comparing myself to others – two habits that are completely unhealthy and the detrimental to your well being. You can watch it here on the Journey’s Facebook page. 3. Today is my birthday. I’m taking a mini-staycation to celebrate the all the goodness in my life. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the things that aren’t going right that I forget that I have great health, great friends/family, a platform to write and connect with you, an one-in-a-million…

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Giveaway: Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp DVD

June 21, 2012

You’ve heard me rave about Ariane Hundt and her Slim & Strong program and Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp. Now you can do it at home. I’ve been using the Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp workout DVD for those days I’m lazy and can’t make it four blocks to the gym. Ariane takes you through a butt kicking workout on the Brooklyn Bridge. The split screen shows on one side what you would normally be doing if you were at one of her outdoor classes and the other shows alternate moves for you at home. It’s a tough and fast paced workout  but I always feel wiped yet amazing like I just had a personal training session. My legs, butt, arms and core are sore that day and the next…in a good way. The work out is fast paced and your heart rate will stay up the entire time. No fancy equipment is necessary….

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