I’ve been checking the weather forecast daily, no, hourly almost, for Sunday’s race. I had originally intended on running in shorts but it seems that Sunday’s forecast has gone from a high of 50 to 37 and windy at the start, so I now have to rethink my outfit for the TCS New York City Marathon. Capris? Leggings? Long sleeves? Layers? Jacket? Hat? Gloves? The options are endless. Good thing I’ve test run several outfits during my long runs, but how about this for an option?

Asics TCS New York City Marathon

Asics TCS New York City Marathon

Asics TCS New York City Marathon

Asics TCS New York City Marathon
Top: Lite-Show Favorite Long Sleeve Pants: Leg Balance Knee Tight Shoes: GEL-Kayano 21 NYC Jacket: NYC Marathon Storm Shelter Jacket

I really love the Leg Balance Knee Tights, not just because the color pink peeks through but because these pants actually help with my posture. The compression technology and design force me to engage my core enabling me to run taller. It’s not quite a girdle, but definitely has a similar effect.

Last year’s NYC Marathon day was windy, making the start in Staten Island not so fun. It never helps that we runners are stranded on the Island for hours before the start. Unless you’re a top fundraiser with a certain team earning yourself shelter in a tent, you’re left in the cold. I will be one of the cold ones forced to find refuge behind a porta-potty or huddled up with other runners for warmth.

It’s really not as bad as I’m describing but if you’re nervous about the temps before Sunday’s race here are a few items you may want to have handy:

– chapstick with sunscreen
*hand or foot warmers*
– sunblock
– windbreaker
– sweatpants and sweatshirt
– blanket or snuggie
** Any clothing items discarded during the race are collected and donated to local charities. **

Are you running Sunday’s TCS New York City Marathon? If so, this is how you know you’re a marathoner. How do you prepare for a cold run?

**Note: Today is the last day you can enter for a chance to win a FREE pair of Asics GEL-Kayano 21. Enter here.


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  • April

    HAVE SO MUCH FUN OUT THERE, GRACE! I think it really going to be windy! (Even though I work for certain team that has a tent at the start, I will spend the entire day outside–first in Brooklyn, then in the South Bronx–freezing my bum off with the best of ’em!) Which side of the street will you be on in BK? I’ll look for you!

    • @disqus_W0gyNj7Kxl:disqus – I’ll be on the left side of BK…Bib 51842. I’ll be bright in pink!

  • Wind is not fun, but at least it’s a bit better than pouring rain – in my opinion, anyway! You’ll do great!

    Also, I REALLY LOVE your hair, and the Asics gear is fantastic! Way to make it look good! 😉

    • @Lisa_earlymorningrun:disqus – I agree! Windy IS better than rain. And thanks for the kind words!!! It was a good hair day! lol

  • I agree, wind is much better than rain, so at least you can prepare for that. Your outfit is great! So you should be warm for the post part. Maybe some long pants if you’re worried about the wind? Not too sure, but everything else seems to be great! Have a good race.


    • @kyannasimone:disqus – thank you for the well wishes! Bummed I won’t be able to meet you on Saturday, but we’ll have to connect soon. And love your blog!