Nothing warms my heart more than working out with friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love my quiet Saturday morning runs alone but I love the camaraderie more. There’s something about sharing in sweat and pain burn that unites people. This past week was a tough one for me, so my friends Cherbrale and Victoria came to my rescue and joined me at the Sweaty Betty Run Club.

Sweaty Betty Run Club NYC

Sweaty Betty Run Club NYC

Sweaty Betty Run Club NYC

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty NYC

Sweaty Betty NYC
Jacket: Sweaty Betty Cadence Run Jacket | Top: Asics Lite-Show Favorite Long Sleeve | Pants: Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Tights | Shoes: Asics GEL-DS Trainer 19

When working out with friends, be a giver AND a receiver.

We all need someone to aspire to and someone who kicks our butts. These kinds of friends are needed in life to push us to be our better selves. However, we also need to encourage, motivate, and inspire someone else in their fitness journey. Why? Because someone did it for you first. When I first started running, my friends Lisa at Early Morning Run and Jason (who were twice as fast as I was) ran in the back with me. I am so incredibly grateful for friends like them who never let me walk, or give up. Because of friends like them (there were many more encouragers along the way), I became a “runner” and my life literally changed. I wouldn’t have started racing. I wouldn’t have started running marathons. And definitely wouldn’t be writing Lean Girls Club. I now consider my life to be blessed, and hope that I can positively influence someone who is starting in their fitness journey. Maybe someone else with start their own Lean Girls Club?

So friends, be a giver AND receiver. It’s just good karma.

PS: The friend working out with me in the photos is Victoria. She recently started blogging at The Running Stylist. Make sure to head over there and say hello!

Photos by: Cherbrale Hickman-Grinlinton


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  • Megan Wood

    Love this – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that outfit!!!!! While I don’t need any additional winter workout gear (thank you ASICS), I am seriously digging that Sweaty Betty.

    • @meganwood:disqus I don’t think I’ll be needing any new winter workout gear anytime soon either! But grateful for my friends at Sweaty Betty. Felt like cat woman in this suit! rawr!

  • Megan Lee

    Love your outfit and those pics are adorable! WIsh I could have made it but I was in Staten Island this weekend. Love that you are getting in outdoor workouts this fall!

    • @disqus_CpzxfAHhu8:disqus – Hope Staten Island was fun. Trying to get outdoors before it gets unbearably cold. Winter is coming!

  • One of the things I miss most about living in NYC are our workouts – yoga, running, spinning… miss it so much. Glad you had some friends to workout with last week to keep your mind off things. Sweat keeps the mind clear & heart strong.

    Also, LOVE the pics! You have a killer lunge and that outfit is hot!

    • I actually wish I had more friends who would work out with me. I really miss our runs and Saturdays trying new classes.