Day 8 of 12 of My Favorite Things. Today’s Favorite Thing has not much to do with fitness or being lean but rather more with my being a girl. I truly believe that everyone should feel beautiful, no matter what size or weight, and little things like jewelry make me feel beautiful. I recently had the opportunity to try Rocksbox, a designer jewelry subscription service that lends you three pieces per month. You take a style quiz and a stylist personally selects pieces for you to try. I told my stylist that I love Gorjana and House of Harlow, and what did she send me? Gorjana, House of Harlow, and something she thought I would like. I have to admit that I didn’t love the Margaret Elizabeth earrings when I first received the package, but after trying them on, they grew on me. Not only do I love Rocksbox because they give you exactly what you want, but they slowly introduce you to new things. Isn’t that also what fitness and health is also about? Exploring and trying new things brings change. We get stronger. We get leaner.

Rocksbox review and giveaway
Rocksbox review and giveaway
Rockbox review and giveaway
Rocks box review and giveaway

I love the personalized attention I got with Rocksbox. I love how they nailed my style. And best of all, I love the price at only $19 per month. You can keep the jewelry as long as you want to borrow it, or if you fall in love with a piece (like I did with the Gorjana necklace) you can purchase it at a reduced price.

Click thru to enter the giveaway…

Today I’m giving away a free month of Rocksbox to one lucky winner.

Rocksbox giveaway

Comment below sharing what piece of jewelry makes you feel beautiful. Dangly earrings? A giant cocktail ring? I personally love delicate gold pieces. And if you can’t wait, I’m offering LGC readers a chance to get their first month of Rocksbox for $9. Click here and enter code BeYourBrightest

Check out Rocksbox here.

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  • This sounds like an amazing service and I love the cute box the jewelry came in! The three pieces they sent you are pretty fantastic (including the earrings – definitely a pair I would love to wear!).

    While I LOVE jewelry and have a few staples I wear every day, I’m going to cheat and answer with the 2 pieces of jewelry that make me feel the most beautiful – my engagement and wedding rings. They make me feel happy, elegant and beautiful. Love them.

  • Justine

    I’m all about necklaces, whether they’re big statement pieces or delicate refined strands.

  • Kellie

    I love small and delicate necklaces with tiny charms. I love layering them! Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

  • Paige Callahan

    i love big necklaces!

  • Jordan Dunne

    I love necklaces, but I tend to wear scarves a lot in the Fall, Winter, and early Spring so they get lost. I think cocktail rings and bracelets are more appropriate for me throughout most of the year.


  • christinew

    I always feel prettier when I am wearing earrings. I like the way they frame my face. thanks for the chance! @justicecw

  • Lu

    Cute itsy studs, statement necklace.

  • kenny hall

    A statement necklace makes me feel pretty!

    Kenny H.

  • Denise Konkel

    That would be my diamond studs! Never take them off:)

  • Nicki Joseph

    I have a really pretty cross necklace that I wear daily

    • @nickijoseph:disqus – Hi there. Congrats, you are the winner of the Rocksbox giveaway. Please email me at grace (at) leangirlsclub (dot) com to claim your prize!

  • I also love gold pieces! I love Rocksbox – I was gifted a free 6 month membership for my birthday but it ran out ๐Ÿ™

    • A 6 month membership – now that’s nice

  • Susan Devaux

    I love simple necklaces!

  • Sydney A

    I love pretty earrings! Even if I just have my hair pulled back, they can make things look fun!

  • Sydney A
  • I love necklaces and earrings but I don’t actually wear jewelry all that often. I normally do wear earrings though and I like gold ones. Thanks for this giveaway. I’ve never heard of Rocksbox so hopefully I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fluffy Healthy

    i love a good bulky necklace ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Celeste

    I love delicate gold necklaces too… and a statement necklace here & there. ๐Ÿ˜‰