Emily and I are social media friends. You know, people you’ve connected with by following their blogs, Twitter, or Instagram and now you feel like you know them personally. I’ve had the privilege of following her fitness journey on Instagram and witness some amazing #TransformationTuesday photos. Emily’s story reminds me that the state of being healthy is different for everybody. Her healthy weight may or may not be my healthy weight. Always consult your physician and go with how strong you feel. Please welcome Emily to the Lean Girls Club.

Lean Girl Profile: Emily

LGC: Tell me a bit about your story. What was your low point?
EMILY: I was small as a kid as I was active. I roller skated, rode my bike, played in a soccer league, and did Mexican folk dancing. I joined the Air Force when was I was 19 and they enforce physical training to pass minimum standards, to be “fit to fight.” However, I didn’t eat the healthiest and was drinking and partying a lot. When I turned 21 or 22, it all caught up with me. A few years later, I got married [and was putting on weight]. I was making dinner for the both of us, and the portions were equal. My husband is 5’10 – I realized we shouldn’t be eating the same portion sizes.

LGC: What was your a-ha moment when you decided to make a change?
EMILY: When I moved to Fort Walton Beach in 2009, I didn’t feel confident or comfortable in my swimsuits. It made me sad. Also when we started talking about having a baby, I began reading a book on getting pregnant. I read how it can make it harder to get and stay pregnant being overweight (I was close to being overweight on the BMI chart). Those two things and wanting to feel like my husband was still attracted to me were the wake up calls for me.

LGC: What healthy changes did you make? How did you maintain and implement those changes?
EMILY: I began counting calories by reading labels and using the Calorie King book. I used a journal at the time, then got the My Fitness Pal app. I started doing exercise videos and swimming more, so lots of cardio. I began to drink more water, cutting out juices and sodas. I limited my intake when I was out, and didn’t keep sugary drinks at home. I began running and then the weight just started coming off! My clothes were too big!

LGC: Did you ever want to quit?
EMILY: Of course. I’ve had a few times where I slacked on the workouts more than I liked. [I would go] a week or two without getting a good sweat, but still making healthier choices when eating.

LGC: Where is Emily today in her health journey?
EMILY: The lowest number, since I started my new lifestyle, read at 116. That’s when I wasn’t weight training but training for my first full marathon, running 3 times a week, up to 100 miles one month! I feel happy and most comfortable around 120-125 lbs. Now that I’m 30, I see how precious my health is and want to take care of myself for me and my future kids. I want to be a good example and be around as long as possible.

LGC: What is your go-to workout? What fitness routine helped you lose weight? What do you do now?
EMILY: I still love running, so running is my go-to workout. I didn’t have a set routine besides working out every day, doing something. I still run but I’ve started in the last year lifting more weights for definition and strength.

LGC: What is your go-to healthy meal? What was your eating regiment when losing weight?
EMILY: I love protein smoothies, so I will do some frozen fruits, mostly banana and strawberries, pineapple or blueberries with almond milk, isopure protein powder, and almond or natural peanut better. I do love to eat some chicken too. When losing weight, you want to cut empty calories like drinks. I have been focusing lately more on macronutrients counts to lose body fat now, so cutting out processed foods, carbs, and eating more lean meats and other good protein sources.

A typical breakfast is two whole eggs, one egg white, three pieces of turkey bacon, and a banana with almond or peanut butter (either in a protein shake or just by itself). For lunch and dinner, I have some meat (chicken, fish, turkey, beef mostly) with a plain green salad or half a sweet potato. I like avocados too so I’ll put that on my salad. I snack on almonds, beef jerkey, or a Quest protein bar.

LGC: What is your go-to tip for Lean girls?
EMILY: Keep going! Take pictures, look at how much you have changed, and give it time! Weight training helps! Yes, I like having a cheat meal too, but maybe not the whole day…haha.

LGC: Who inspires you to be healthy?
EMILY: My husband, Angelo, inspires me. When I am told by other people that I inspired them, it helps keep me inspired and motivated. My sister who has lost over 90 lbs by making lifestyle changes inspires me! My friend Nikki who is so fit, worked out [during] her entire pregnancy and looks amazing post-baby!

LGC: What’s your next goal (fitness or non-fitness)?
EMILY: My goal is to have more definition, and, arms, legs and back! [My goal is] to feel and look great, to be more fit I’ve ever been [in my life] before getting pregnant.

LGC: Anything else you’d like to say to other Lean Girls?
EMILY: If there is a goal you want, keep going until it happens. It can be done! Sometimes it’S hard and some [goals] are more difficult than others.

Emily is currently training for her first Tri-Athlon and her second marathon. She’ll also be running her 7th Half Marathon this Saturday. Let’s wish her luck as she continues to train. Go, Emily, go!

To follow Emily’s inspiring journey and see more transformation photos, connect with her on Instagram.


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