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Holly Rilinger: 5 Tips For Staying Fit Physically and Mentally Year ‘Round

October 28, 2016
Today celebrity trainer, Flywheel Master Instructor, and all around badass babe Holly Rilinger shares some of her tips to help you stay strong and fit both physically and emotionally – regardless of the season. In the last week, the temperatures have dropped drastically in NYC. It went from being a beautiful, mild autumn to what feels like winter. It was emotionally jarring for me to have to dig up my winter coat. And I, for one, am one of those people who refuses to wear her winter coat until it’s absolutely necessary. The cold never bothers me, but it’s the lack of sun that I dread. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, and a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to mood changes and irritability, depression, weight gain, fatigue, low immunity, and general weakness. So check out Holly’s tips for staying fit physically and mentally year ’round. Holly Rilinger:...
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10 Tips For Brides: What I Learned From Planning Our Wedding

October 17, 2016
Four months ago today, I married my best friend. When Mike and I got engaged last year, we knew that we didn’t want a big wedding. And no matter what, we knew we wanted it to reflect us as a couple and our beautiful city, NYC. I’d planned many of my friends’ weddings and even start an event planning business with Nerd In The City for a while. Planning your own wedding comes with its own stresses. I wasn’t your typical bride that labored over every detail. However, it didn’t mean that I didn’t stress. Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Today I’m sharing what I learned during the process of planning my own wedding. Whether you’re a bride or not, we can all apply these tips in our lives. 1. Change and transitions are difficult. Don’t let anyone tell you that getting married isn’t scary. Also, admitting...
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Staten Island Half

October 11, 2016
Staten Island is known as the Lost Borough, mainly because it’s so hard to get to. Until the mid-1960s when the Verrazano Bridge was built, one could only get there from New Jersey or by taking the Staten Island Ferry. I signed up to run the Staten Island Half Marathon months ago, in attempt to complete the NYRR Five Borough Challenge to qualify for the 2017 NYC Marathon. If it hadn’t been for the Challenge, I don’t think I would ever have signed up to run a race the Staten Island Half. By public transportation, Staten Island is over an hour away. And if it hadn’t been for the free ride provided by my friends Cherbrale and Nick, I would’ve made my way back to bed on Sunday morning when I discovered it was raining. The Staten Island Half was my first race in a while. Conditions were ideal but...
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