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IMAXShift Review

IMAXShift: How You Can Spin with Beyoncé

November 30, 2016
IMAXShift is the latest spin studio promising your next great sweat session with bass bumping music, talented instructors, and an immersive experience in front of an IMAX screen. The studio is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn. DUMBO claims to be the Fitness District, but many of the trendy fitness studios have not yet opened. IMAXShift is early to the game and fills the cycling void in the sought-after neighborhood. While originally the IMAX screen is what first piqued my interest when the team at IMAXShift reached out, it’s actually the most underwhelming part of the entire experience. The giant studio, the post class foam rolling session, and the Music Video Ride are the best things about IMAX. IMAX is cool at the theaters, but it’s not the immersive experience I was hoping for during a spin class. I think I almost expected virtual reality and it’s not that! The screen at...
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Barry's Bootcamp review

Barry’s Bootcamp: Best Workout In The World?

November 16, 2016
Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the trendiest fitness studios in New York City. So as part of the ASICS #RemixYourWorkout Challenge, I signed up for my first class. I am embarrassed to admit how late I am to get on this train. Barry’s Bootcamp is the self-proclaimed “best workout in the world.” It incorporates speed work on a Barry’s custom-designed treadmill and strength training using weights, resistance bands, and other not-threatening equipment. Class always begins with a 20 minute run. Not a runner? Don’t worry. Everyone goes at their own pace while steadily increasing speed or incline. You alternate 30 second bouts of sprinting and recovery jogs or walks. At my highest peak, I ran an 11.0 speed and 8.0 incline. Not at the same time. What Barry’s does is push you to work out at your max. They don’t force you to go harder. Barry’s instructs you to make...
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New York City Marathon pitCCh in foundation

What I Learned From The 2016 NYC Marathon

November 15, 2016
Last Sunday I ran the 2016 New York City Marathon. My fifth quest for 26.2 miles. I have to admit that I didn’t train this year. Getting married in June and my job occupied a lot of my time this summer. And with each passing week, I deducted a week from the 16 week training plan that I had earmarked. And then the night of Friday, September 30, I quit my job. More on that another time. Sunday, October 2 was the first time I went for a long run. I thanked the Lord that October had 5 weeks this year. For five weeks I got serious about marathon training, which meant that I did a few long runs to make sure my body could handle the distance. My body can. The week of, I foam rolled, drank lots of water, watched what I ate and drank, and mentally prepared...
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