Sinless Scoop: Jennifer Hudson Is HOT/Jennifer Hudson Is Too Thin

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5 Moves to a Hot Oscar Body (Self)

By now we all know who won best actor, best actress, even best dressed. But who won best arms? Or best hips? “Self” has its picks, as well as some scary looking moves to get them. (Seriously, I don’t even know who Jennifer Lawrence is. And I’m certainly not going to break my face to get a butt that looks like hers.)

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Jennifer Hudson: Secrets Behind Her Drastic Weight Loss (

Chicagoans love Jennifer Hudson. Even I love Jennifer Hudson, and I’ve never seen “American Idol” or “Dreamgirls,” and I probably couldn’t name a single song she’s sung. We all love her so much, we’ve even put her on the cover of Chicago magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans” issue, out now. I have some… er, issues with the issue, which focuses exclusively on physical beauty, and it’s just really hard for me to find somebody attractive whose beauty isn’t more than skin-deep — like the shining Greek gods that are Olympic swimmers. As soon as they open their mouths and profess their love for gangsta rap, it’s all over. Anyway. It sounds like Hudson has both going on, which is why I think we all love her. But if you’re, you know, focused solely on physical beauty, here’s how she got her svelte shape.

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Poll: Is Jennifer Hudson too thin? (dietblog)

Apparently, if you are not a Chicagoan, you may think Hudson is too thin. This is like my mom and the couple of friends who fuss at me all the time that I need to eat, when my roommate can tell you she’s seen that big bulk container of peanut butter sitting out on the kitchen counter many a morning. I am eating. I just am spending some time with an elliptical machine, as well.

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34 De-Stressing Snacks for Weight Loss (Self)

Take the stress out of grocery shopping with this slideshow of ingredients you should keep around the house to whip up healthy snacks. And guess what? PEANUT BUTTER MADE THE LIST.

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‘Round-the-clock’ Lifestyle Could Disrupt Metabolism, Brain and Behavior (Science Daily)

Fact: Some scientists disrupted the natural sleep schedule of some mice, and the mice got all fat and crazy and ate the scientists. OK, that’s not entirely true. I can’t confirm the mice ate anybody. But they did get fatter and more impulsive, so you can draw your own conclusions.

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15 Easy Ways to Cut 500 Calories (Fit Bottomed Girls)

“Fact: If you cut 500 calories from your eats or burn an extra 500 calories a day (or our fave: cut/burn 250 calories of each), you can lose about a pound of weight a week.” That one I didn’t make up. I heard it from Fit Bottomed Girls, who heard it from Fitbie.

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  • JHud is not too thin. I think people get so used to seeing a person a size x and having a plump face that anything else appears drastic or unhealthy. She’s not unhealthy. There are people way smaller and unhealthier than she is. If we were to see bones sticking out, that’s a different story!