How To Save Money Living Healthy

I recently appeared on Arise TV’s Entertainment 360 show sharing my tips for how to save money living healthy. When I started my health and weight-loss journey eight years ago, I was a college student living on mom and dad’s money. I worked part-time but my life didn’t depend on how much I spent or saved. And my parents, being extremely supportive of my life change, supported me however they could. But then I entered the real world and learned the hard way that money doesn’t grow on trees. If losing weight and living healthier weren’t hard enough already, add the financial pressures of paying for organic produce, fancy gyms, workout gear, race fees (and more) and you’ll find yourself unable to maintain your new found healthy lifestyle. But have no fear. Today I’m sharing the tips and secrets I shared on Arise TV…and more.

How To Save Money Living Healthy


Why do I start with water? Water is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Your body is 60%+ made of water. Water detoxes your body, debloats you, removes puffiness, improves the condition of your skin, and more. But don’t buy bottled water. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it’s bad for your wallet. Americans spend nearly $12 BILLION on bottled water every year. That’s an average of $100 per person on bottled water every year. Tap water is just as good, if not cleaner, than some bottled water. If you hate the taste of your local tap, grab filter.

HOW MUCH YOU SAVE: $6,000-8,000 in your lifetime if you’re lucky enough to live to 80.

Check out Clean Bottle SQUARE. If you hate the taste of your local water, it comes with an infuser. If you hate the taste of water in general, it also comes with an infuser so you can flavor your water with fresh lemon slices, mint leaves, cinnamon sticks, or their “pods” (sold separately) that flavor water with dried fruits and a little bit of stevia. One of my other favorites, is BKR bottles. It’s the prettiest water bottle out there in my opinion.

I have a love/hate relationship with my smart phone, but I love all the free apps out there that help keep my on track with my health and fitness goals. Here are 11 FREE APPS TO HELP YOU LIVE HEALTHIER. Whatever you need to live healthier, your Apple and Android Stores have it available for free. Some apps may offer an up-sale for premium services, but that’s up to you.

HOW MUCH YOU SAVE: The cost of a gym membership, a planner, alarm clock, nutritionist, personal trainer, and more.

On really, really cold days in NYC, the last thing I want to do is run or go to the gym. If you’re over paying for a gym membership you never use, or you’re bored with your routine, check out these streaming services:
Booya Fitness – offers everything from bootcamp to dance to yoga and more. It’s $9.99 per month, or $99 for the year.
Crunch Live – $9.99 per month
Physique 57 – this is the barre class of the stars. Chrissy Teigen and Erin Andrews are both fans (and both look amazing). $57 per month (while this is equivalent to some gym memberships, it’s TONS cheaper than paying for actual Physique 57 classes.
Sleek Technique – depending on the exchange rate, this is $45 per month. Sleek Technique offers ballet inspired workouts to lengthen and tone your body.

HOW MUCH YOU SAVE: Up to $150 per month on gym memberships.

Don’t you HATE when your produce goes bad just days after buying them? Here are a few tips on how you can extend the life of some fruits and vegetables.
Tomatoes – store them stem-side down. Moisture escapes through the “scar.”
Bananas – separate bananas from the bundle. Gases escape through the stems. When they’re together, bananas encourage each other to spoil.
Potatoes & Onions – these two vegetables don’t like each other. Like bananas, their gases don’t get along.
Avocados – leave left over avocado face down in a bowl of cold water (in the fridge). This keeps the avocado green for an extra day. No more brown avocados.

HOW MUCH YOU SAVE: Up to $20 per grocery trip.

Some health care providers offer rebates on gym memberships. You just have to call and ask. I’m currently looking for a new health care provider and recently discovered that Oscar Insurance (NY/NJ only) provides their members with fitness bands that allows members to earn up to $240 a year for meeting their daily fitness goals. How cool right? The $240 is less than what my current insurance provider offers, but it’s something!

HOW MUCH YOU SAVE: Up to $500 per year.

Boutique fitness classes are all the rage. Yoga, barre, spin, Crossfit, HIIT training, kettle bell classes, zumba… The average cost of a boutique fitness class is $30. Many athletic clothing stores bring in local instructors to teach FREE classes. Find free classes at your local Athleta, Lole, Reebok, Lululemon, or running store. And if you’re in NYC, check out my FREE WORKOUTS section where I list all the free workouts in our area.

HOW MUCH YOU SAVE: Up to $10,000 per year!!!

We all know this rule in money management. Buying items in bulk decreases the cost per unit. But make sure you actually use everything you buy, or else it defeats the purpose in trying to save money.

Ok, so I know that the first rule in saving money is not to spend money. But if you’re looking to stock up on new workout gear, SHOP NOW. Apparel companies know that people have just set healthy resolutions and they want to take advantage of it. However, this is also the time when they’re getting rid of winter items. The following companies have sales going on now!

Asics – 40% Online Only
GAP FIT – Up to 75% Off
Lolë – the items on clearance are so cute!
Victoria’s Secret – the semi-annual sale is still going on. Get your sports bras!

Freeze fruits and add to your smoothies. Puree cooked vegetables and freeze in ice cube trays and use them in future soups. Get creative!

Organic produce can be pricey. But much of the produce at farmer’s markets are grown with out pesticides, but many of the farms can’t afford to have them officially labeled “organic.” Head to your farmer’s market and ask your farmers how they grew their crops. Also, if you head closer to closing time, they’re more likely to slash prices!

HOW MUCH YOU SAVE: Up to 50% on select produce.

Also, if you’d like to watch my appearance on Arise TV where I shared some of these tips watch below. I wanted to share so much more but live TV doesn’t allow me to talk for 30 minutes 🙂 Can you tell I was super nervous?

  • Shainna Tucker

    I LOVE this list. Especially #5. My moms insurance company does that so she only pays like $20 a month for the Y because her insurance company pays for the rest.

    • @shainnatucker:disqus – thank you lady! People need to know about these resources and what’s available to their taking. I almost want to stand on the street and yell “GET YO MONEY BACK!!!” lol

  • Great tips! Especially the free apps and the free workouts. I love my apps.

    • @carrieskoll:disqus – which apps do you use? I’m always on the lookout for new apps!

  • I totally love the Farmer’s Market tip… SO MUCH CHEAPER and fresher!!

    • @disqus_ZhcoqnftAq:disqus – right? It’s so interesting to see that people think it’s so much more expensive. Now getting to the farmer’s market during the week is a bit challenging for me, I admit. Saturdays are usually my days.

  • Not nervous at all! You did great!

    • @thrivefit:disqus – thanks so much. Sincerely appreciate the kind words.

  • dailysouthernsunshine

    Great post–always trying to find new ways to save money living my busy active lifestyle! (I’m trying that avocado tip tonight!)

    • @dailysouthernsunshine:disqus – I used it last night myself. Still fresh and green 🙂

  • Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    You were great! So many great tips here. Farmers markets and buying in bulk – yes!