Fight Flu Season

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New York state and Boston have been declared states of emergency, emergency treatment centers are overwhelmed, and vaccines and flu medicine are in short supply. I went to three different drug stores and all the OTC flu/cold medicines were sold out. It sounds apocalyptic, doesn’t it? The world isn’t coming to an end, but lots of people around me are sick. I’ve had a sore throat and runny nose all week so I’ve taken every measure to make sure it doesn’t get worse and also so I don’t infect anyone else. Here are some best practices for fighting flu season.

*Wash your hands – it’s amazing how something so simple can fight something so big. Make sure to use warm water, lather with soap, and sing “Happy Birthday” twice (it’s about :30). I wash my hands as soon as I get to work, before eating/cooking, when I get home, and of course after using the restroom 🙂

*Fluids – your doctor is right! Stick with water, tea, juice, and clear soups.

*Vitamin Cthe average adult needs less than 90 mg of vitamin C per day. So need to go and down that Power Smoothie filled with loads of sugar. One or two oranges will do just fine. Here are seven other foods that have more vitamin C than an orange. If you like the refreshing taste of orange juice, try green tea with some lemon and ginger.

*Wipe Down – your gym provides a disinfectant and paper towels for a reason. Don’t just use it after a sweat session, use it before you get on the machine too. Don’t count on someone else to worry about your health.

*Yoga Mats – if you use your own, think about the last time you cleaned your mat. Never. Swipe it with an antibacterial wipe and air dry. If you borrow a mat from the gym, wipe and lay a towel down.

*Shower – I sometimes have the tendency to sit in my work out clothes after a sweat session. This week I’ve made the conscious effort to shower immediately after because… Think about the sweat and germs your work out clothes have collected the last hour, and then the fact that you’re stewing in it. Yuck.

*Sleepif you sleep less than seven hours, you are more likely to be sick when exposed to a cold virus. For some of you parents, seven hours seems heavenly. Make an effort to go to bed early (with your kids). Whatever you have to do, it can wait.

*Hot ToddyEmily was kind enough share her husband’s hot toddy recipe last year. Not only does it make me feel like I’m drinking a warm cocktail, but it really does help me sweat out a fever…especially since my favorite product Theraflu is hard to find these days.hottoddy2


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