10 Steps To A Better Life

I’ve spent a lot of time lately reflecting on life – my life – and how I want to effectively use my time on earth and how I can make it better. In attempts to organize my life, I started with organizing my home, then my thoughts on paper, and then tackled the bigger “problems” and their relevant solutions. During this process, I not only learned about myself but was reminded of the little things that individually may not make a difference but collectively make for a more peaceful, balanced, and healthy life.

Here are my 10 Steps To A Better Life that you can act on today. They don’t solve every problem in the world, but they do help you control of your life and take positive steps to a better life.

1. Stretch. I don’t do enough of it. You don’t do enough of it. Stretching is what keeps our bodies flexible, mobile, and it makes our bodies feel good. Take a minute to stretch morning, noon, and night. The time spent stretching, is also another way to step away from your computer/phone and de-stress.

2. You decide whether today is going to be a good day or bad day. You may not control everything that happens in your day, but you DO control how you respond to the circumstances. You decide whether to be angry, mad, or sad…and you can just as easily decide to dust off your shoulders and decide that there is only room for joy in your life.

3. Clean out your medicine cabinet. This is one of those things we never think to do because we (hopefully) rarely raid our medicine cabinet. The times we do, we have a certain medication in mind and could care less about he other pills. Take time this week to clean out your medicine cabinet. You’ll be surprised at how many bottles and boxes are expired! I tossed 75% of the vitamins, supplements, and medicines this weekend. Eeek! Thank God! 

4. Clean out your fridge. Seriously. Just like your medicine cabinet, you’ll be surprised to discover hidden treasures like last month’s half-used avocado.

5. Practice gratitude. I write a minimum of three things I am grateful for each day in my notebook. I started doing this years ago when I found myself in the dumps and unable to dig myself out of a hole. Journaling (now, I use my notes section in my phone) things I’m grateful for helps me readjust my attitude and reframe my thoughts to focus on the positive and not the negative. It’s helped me TREMENDOUSLY.

6. Start your day with a glass of water. It will wake you up, detox your body, and remind you to drink water throughout the day.

7. Detox from social media. Every once in a while, it’s good to unplug and reconnect with actual human beings. Perhaps it’s once a week where you log off from Instagram? Or maybe once a month. Find other ways to occupy your time than to stalk your fri-enemy. The time you (and I) spend scrolling through Instagram daily could mean an extra trip to the gym, a cooking class you’ve been meaning to take, or doing much-needed laundry.

8. Goal plan. We all spend a lot of time day dreaming. Coveting what others have. Wishing that things would change. Start writing down your goals. Make them tangible. Come up with a plan of attack and steps you can execute. When you write them down, it feels great to cross off items on your list. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and

9. Schedule your next vacation. I am the WORST at this. The last vacation I took was a year and a half ago. A study published in the Journal Applied Research in the Quality of Life shows the simple act of planning a vacation boosts happiness. Rarely do folks experience happiness AFTER a vacation. Why? Planning builds excitement and gives hope that relief is coming soon. We’re able to power through difficult situations because we know there is an end.

10. _________ . What makes you happy? For me it’s running. I am the happiest girl on earth when it’s sunny and I get to run. I feel most in my element and comfortable in my skin. Wouldn’t trade this for anything else in the world. So make more time for what you love. No ifs, ands, or buts. Make time for it. Be aggressive about it. Be intentional about it. And don’t apologize for not being able to do something else you DON’T care about, to do something you DO care about.


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  • Love this list! I’m definitely getting my run on tonight. Ugh. It’s been almost a week because of so many crazy things happening at home but it’s just something I NEED to do, ya know? Take some time for me. An hour or two just me and the ocean 🙂

    • @lifebybri:disqus – I hope it was a good run. I totally agree with you. Running is the only thing that makes me sane. It makes me feel human after a crazy week at work. All seems to be right with the world when I’m by the water running in the sun. Is that too much to ask? lol! Sun, run, water…

  • These are really wonderful tips that are easy to implement – even one at a time. It’s funny because I recently read about the importance of drinking water right when you wake up and have consciously been trying to do that each morning when I’m getting ready for the gym and I definitely feel the effect of it. Also, cleaning out the fridge is my favorite thing to do when we get home from the farmer’s market or grocery store. It feels so good to have a fridge full of fresh, nourishing foods!

    • @Lisa_earlymorningrun:disqus – I wish I was more consistent with drinking water. Right now I’m a hydrating fiend, but there are times where I don’t drink water. Need to stay consistent with the water tip! And seriously agree. There is nothing better than a fridge full of fresh, nourishing foods.

  • YES! So glad to see a post from you! And I agree with you on stretching, I need to do more of it as well. But when I do stretch, I love the feeling I get. It feels SO GREAT and relaxing.

    • @kyannasimone:disqus – I need to stretch this instant. Just got off a flight and my body is wrecked! Why don’t I stretch more!!!

  • I love this post Grace. I need to stretch more, take a break from social media, and goal plan. Have a happy and healthy week 🙂


    • @AggieRuns:disqus – I hope you’ve had a chance to stretch, take a break from social, and goal plan! Hope you are doing well, lady!