1. GapGapFit gFast capris – I’m tired of the winter black and want nothing more than to run wearing fun colors. Spring can’t come soon enough.
2. Good news – grapefruits are back in season.
3. So are rhubarbs. Does anyone have a good rhubarb recipe?
4. March Madness. I didn’t go to a college with a Division 1 Basketball team but I still love this time of year. I loved when Maryland ruled. Juan Dixon was my favorite.
5. BKR bottles. This is my new favorite thing. I carry my pink glass silicon bottle everywhere. It’s eco-friendly and dish-washer safe. Now, if only I had a dish washer.

While I love snow and the crispness of winter, I am more than looking forward to the fresh outlook that spring brings. I can’t wait to run outside (even more) in bright fun colors and practice yoga with the windows open. What are you most looking forward to this month?

Happy March!


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