My Valentine’s Day Movie Moment

It was Valentine’s day and I boarded a flight back to NYC from LA. I tried to check in on my iPhone but the Delta app said I already had. Ok, my travel agent probably checked in for me. The Delta associate at LAX scanned my boarding pass. Beep. “It says that you’ve already boarded this flight.” The Delta team looks into it and confirms that it’s my seat, that it must be a glitch, it’s not double-booked and asks me to alert a flight attendant if I have any problems. I walk down the gate hoping to sit in First Class but the flight is full.

I get to my seat and there is a gentleman sitting in MY seat. I ask “excuse me, sir, are you in 23F?” I show him my ticket and he shows me his. 23F.

The flight-attendant realizes there’s a problem and goes back to the main desk to check for us. There is nothing more awkward than standing at the front of the plane with no seat and 200 people staring at you with pity because you don’t have a seat. Good thing I looked somewhat decent. I just smiled the during the hour two minutes she was away.

The lovely flight-attendant returns. “You both have the same name. First and last.”

We share an awkward laugh, a sigh of relief, and both wonder who gets the window seat? The entire plane is curious and listening. Turns out we don’t have the same name. He has my brother’s name.

I couldn’t help but laugh and think that it was an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” or even better, the meet-cue in a Matthew McConaughy film. My parents would’ve loved the Korean boy I could’ve brought home.

Had I not had a wonderful boyfriend in NYC waiting for me on Valentine’s Day, maybe I would’ve thought it meant something. But I don’t. I fancy coincidences, but I don’t like the idea of letting happenstance decide how my life goes. I believe in God’s plan but I also believe that free will decides how and if we get there.

How was your Valentine’s Day?



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