Today I’m kicking off my Favorite Things Giveaway counting down to Christmas with 12 of my favorite fitness, health, beauty, and wellness items that help me live a healthier, leaner life. The best part is that you’ll have 12 chances to win some really cool gifts, starting with Dear Kate.

On Friday I shared that I was part of Dear Kate’s winter campaign. Dear Kate is a lingerie and athletic apparel line for women on-the-go. Each pair of underwear and yoga pants are lined with a special fabric that wicks and prevents leaks that save you should Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly. It’s like having a panty-liner built in. The best part is that their yoga pants are tummy tucking and their underwear are seamless. No panty lines! Enter for your chance to win a pair of Dear Kate yoga pants and a $100 gift card to the Dear Kate store.

Dear Kates features Lean Girls Club

Dear Kates Sports Collection

Dear Kates features Lean Girls Club

Dear Kates features Thick Girls Closet

Dear Kates features Alexi Pappas

Dear Kates features Lean Girls Club

Dear Kate features Lean Girls Club

Dear Kate features Lean Girls Club
photo credit: Zoe Weber


Click thru to enter the giveaway… (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED)

Here’s how to win:
1. Since Dear Kate protects you from period mishaps, comment below sharing your first period story. Me? I was in the 6th grade away at a wilderness camp on a field trip. I was hiking, learning how to survive in the wilderness, cruising down the zip line…and then BAM!

Entries will be open until December 8th at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be selected at random. Open to US residents only.

Stay tuned for 11 more!

  • BriBlessed79

    Is it a bad sign that I can’t honestly remember my first? I know that the first few were a disastrous mess. Back when white shorts and pants were the big thing… yikers.

    • @briblessed79:disqus- not a bad sign at all. I don’t remember any of my childhood teachers. Lots of things I don’t remember…and especially if it’s a disastrous mess 🙂


    I was 10-11 years of age in the 6th grade as well. I was afraid to tell anyone-I equated it with embarrassment and shame for some reason. My older brother found some stained clothing and showed my mother and that is how she found out. It was quite traumatizing. Its strange how vivid that memory is that I tried so hard so suppress. The real trauma came from being reminded by my mother of how I did not tell her. YEP ITS STILL TRAUMATIZING MORE THAN 35 YEARS LATER.

    • @ratashiq:disqus – oh gee, that DOES sound traumatizing. Luckily my brother was younger, but I do recall him making fun of me. It WAS really embarrassing going through in in front of family or community members. I vow to never tell a soul when my future daughter gets it!

  • Kristine Western

    My first period came close to Halloween of 8th grade. I got it during school, and I had to call home for supplies. I spent the whole weekend playing sick and feeling sorry for myself. About halfway through my second cycle, I realized that this was going to happen to me every month for the foreseeable future…and I didn’t have the time or energy to play sick and stay indoors every month. It was then that I started using tampons and getting on with my life. A few months later, I had my period start after going on a very bumpy roller coaster, and I learned the art of always being prepared.

    Flash forward to the present day: I’m almost 19 weeks pregnant, and I think I still have tampons in my purse….in case I need to help out a flowing friend in need!

    • @kristine_western:disqus – I think I cried when I realized “this” was going to happen every month for (almost) the rest of my life. Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting! Can’t wait to follow you on your journey to motherhood.

  • Emily Allen

    Mine was at a wilderness camp, too! Thankfully it was a camp full of some of my best friends who had all already received “the gift” and were stocked enough to help me out with supplies.

    • @disqus_HwHsjqr04t:disqus- I didn’t realize wilderness camps were a thing, lol. Glad you had girls who knew what they were doing! I could’ve used your crew. 🙂

  • Megan Lee

    Mine was at the beginning of 8th grade and I was so happy I didn’t have mine yet but all my friends did. One day I noticed it and tried to ignore it, but as you know you can’t ignore it. So I cried and cried to my mom and she let me sleep with her in her bed that night. My mom mad it not such a bad experience 🙂

    • @disqus_CpzxfAHhu8:disqus – That’s so great. I wonder what it will be like as a mom years later having to deal with this. Thank God for Moms!

  • Megan Wood

    I love that you’re doing the 12 days too! YAY 🙂 I was a late bloomer, a freshman in highschool. I remember being in a class full of Seniors and I freaked out, one lent me a super+ tampon. My thoughts were WTH am I supposed to do with this?! I cried in the bathroom for the rest of that class period (no pun intended). AWFUL.

    • @meganwood:disqus- that DOES sound terrifying. I don’t think I started using tampons for a few years and I still had no idea what to do. No one taught me that stuff. My mom just told me to use pads…thank God I figured it out!

  • Maribeth

    I had my period in 6th grade before going to school, but I was in denial and too afraid to ask my mom. I knew I needed a pad and tampon and only took one with me to school for that 6-7 hr day. A hard lesson learned lol

    • @disqus_WVNyKZVDVf:disqus- I love that you had the smarts to figure it out and take one with you. I don’t think I knew what a pad or tampon was at that point yet.

  • Mikayla

    I got my period in 6th grade, in gym class. My mom hadn’t talked to me about any of it yet, so I thought I was dying when I saw that bloody mess. The worst
    part? My grandma died that morning. I wish that I was making this up.t

    • @disqus_E2GakkAS2i:disqus- that sounds TERRIFYING! I’m sorry that your grandma passed that morning making it that much more scary. I hope you found SOME peace after that day!

  • Darrian

    I got my period when when I was about 12. It was a mom and me shopping trip. I thought I had a messed up stomach so I went to the bathroom only to pull my pants down and see blood everywhere. My pants were blood stained so my mom found some shorts and pads at the store we were at. I pushed through the shopping trip but ugh it was miserable. To this day my periods are heavy and irregular……. sigh

    • @kissfromasiren:disqus- mom to the rescue! That’s so amazing that you were within a few feet away of new clothes, but how uncomfortable. Heavy and irregular…I know a bit about that too. It seems that as I get older it’s more painful. I thought it was supposed to get easier!

      • Darrian

        I thought it got easier with age too! Too bad it doesn’t D; I vomit because it’s so painful blehhhhh

  • Trisha Hughes

    I’m so excited you’re working with Dear Kate! I funded their kickstarter for some yoga shorts a few months ago. You look amazing & I’m super jelly you got to work with them. I’d love to answer your period Q but I actually can’t remember my first period. Ha. Does that mean I’m old? Nahhhhhh 😉

    • @trishahughes:disqus- you are amazing. Thank you for supporting this company early! It doesn’t make you old that you don’t remember. I don’t remember a lot of important things unfortunately. I like to think it’s because I have too many GOOD memories to keep in my brain. LOL

  • Calli

    I was 15 and in geometry class. I had my mom pick me up to skip the rest of the schoolday.

    • @disqus_0sfDSfl4N2:disqus – so lucky! My mom would’ve never let me skip the rest of the school day. Selfishly, I’m relieved to learn that everyone else had horrible first times too 😉

    • Hi Calli- you are the lucky Dear Kate winner. Please e-mail me at grace (at) leangirlsclub (dot) com. I’ll put you in touch with Dear Kate to claim your prize.

  • Ken C

    Do not have a story to tell but would love to win for my wife.

    • @disqus_hpZuALk9Vh:disqus – you are a great husband!

  • 6th grade, Christmas eve and I was an altar server (in Catholic masses there’s a a young assistant helping the priest). Did I mention that altar servers wear ALL WHITE? I was hot mess

    • @disqus_V9PrtbSvzW:disqus – oof, that sounds rough! How did you get out of that one? I think we need a blog post on that!

  • nat

    I was 10 years old(?) (5th grade) and at home so I of course told my mom who didn’t believe me at first. As the days go buy and I’m sneaking pads out of her room she realizes I was part of the that club now. So in true Latina fashion she calls up my sisters and aunts to let them know I had come into womanhood — talk about embarrassing!

    • @fat_nat:disqus – oof, that was probably my least favorite part about all of this…the alerting of the “tribe.” I really hope that i don’t do that as a mom, but I’m sure I will screw it up somehow.

  • First, SO awesome that you’re working with this company. I hadn’t heard about them before this but it sounds great! Also, these pictures are absolutely beautiful!

    I really can’t remember how old I was but I can remember that it started right before we left for our family cottage for the 4th of July – where we spent the weekend with my entire extended family – 18 people total, with one bathroom. And of course, because the cottage is on a lake, there was a lot of swimming on the agenda. Let’s just say I felt very uncomfortable the entire weekend. Gosh that was a long time ago now.

    • @Lisa_earlymorningrun:disqus – I can only imagine. Did you get to swim? I only ask because when I first started, i was told that I couldn’t. Clearly, I learned I could later with the development of the tampon (lol) but I’m not sure I would’ve been comfortable with that as an 11 year old. So strange but I’ve loved reading everyone’s stories!

  • Justine

    I was in my home bathroom. I didn’t have much of a reaction to it, probably because I felt prepared. My elementary school taught students about menstruation in 4th grade because some girls started their periods at 9yo. We had sex ed in 5th and 6th grades. I’m grateful that I grew up in public school districts that taught students about puberty, reproduction, and contraception. I’m also thankful that my parents signed the permission slips that allowed that part of my education. By 8th grade, health class was a requirement for all students, but prior to that, it was by parental permission.

    I’m really curious about how cleanly blood washes out of Dear Kate clothing!

    • @disqus_poLBbjb7i5:disqus – I’m grateful for having grown up in a great public school system too. My parents never spoke with me about the birds and the bees and I’m grateful for it, but I hope to be the one that teaches my kids about it before they learn about all the gory details in school. And as for your question, I actually don’t know. It hasn’t been a problem for me. the fabric is very synthetic-like…it’s definitely not cotton. Hard to explain. it doesn’t absorb/stain like cotton would.

      Something to remember is that it’s probably not meant to be pad-like, more like a panty liner for those little accidents. Do I make sense?

      • Justine

        That’s a very helpful review — thank you!

  • Katie

    I was 13 I believe and at home….don’t remember having a huge reaction but my sister was much more excited than me haha!

    • @disqus_SZ1maXiNpp:disqus – I’m glad someone was excited for you. After reading everyone’s stories, I feel like many of us had traumatic experiences. Maybe if more people had been “happy” for us or made it seem like a good thing it wouldn’t be so bad? Maybe? LOL

  • tweetyscute

    MY first period was gym in the 7th grade. I was in class with a bunch of ninth graders so is was easy peasy

  • Miranda Lewis

    The last day of school in the 6th grade! Luckily I had an older sister so I grabbed some of her pads and didn’t tell anyone. I unluckily found out later that you can’t flush pads. Live and learn!

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  • Elle

    I was a late bloomer but my body more than made up for the lost time by the time I graduated high school. 😉 I was at home, luckily, so nothing too embarrassing.
    prettyinhotpink6 at gmail dot com

  • Fluffy Healthy

    I started my period at a friends house…not too exciting…but I leaked during school a few months later and had a huge spot on my clothes. I had to call my mom to come pick me up. lol