10 Signs YOU Are A Woman Worth Keeping

A few months ago I shared a few thoughts on dating, relationships, and the 10 signs you have a man worth keeping. Lean Girls Club is a fitness and healthy living blog, why would I write about relationships? Besides the fact that the previously mentioned post is my highest trafficked article, I truly believe that healthy relationships (romantic and platonic) play an important role in our well-being. The people that you surround yourself with strongly influence what you eat, drink, do for exercise, and even affect your emotions and thoughts.

We hold everyone else in our lives accountable, especially our boyfriends and husbands. Some even make checklists for the perfect mate. But what about you? Time to look in the mirror, Lean Girls (I know it’s scary). Here are 10 signs that YOU are a woman worth keeping.

Dating in NYC: signs you are a woman worth keeping

1. You work out.
This was #1 on my man’s list as well and the reasons are the same. Without good health, you have nothing to stand on. Besides all the other great benefits of exercise we know about, exercise produces serotonin which keeps us happy. We need those happy hormones…cuz God knows that when we’re not happy things can go a little cray-cray. I admit it! When I’m tired, sad, or “hormonal” I go a little crazy and I have the outer body experience. You know, where you see and hear how crazy you are and tell yourself to stop, but can’t. So work out!

2. You don’t speak negatively about your man, or men in general.
Ladies, men HATE when you put their business out there. They absolutely hate it. It’s one things to confide in a close friend about your relationships, but it’s another thing to completely bitch about all the things he does wrong and how he’s not fulfilling you. First, if you are saying these things then imagine what he’s saying about you. Second, if you have nothing good to say about him, then take it as a sign that it’s time to move on.

3. You are ok with doing things solo.
If you hate spending time with yourself, why the heck would anyone else want to spend time with you? One of the signs of a strong relationship is that you’re ok doing things yourself. He doesn’t have to come with you to every wedding, party, dinner, happy hour, etc. Be selective with what you ask of him. It will make the things you do together that much more special and he’ll even (gasp) volunteer to do things with you. If you give him space, he’ll coming bouncing back to you.

4. You let sh*t go.
There is no point in rehashing the past. Whether you have closure or not, decide what’s really important and decide to move on. No one is keeping score, especially not him. And if someone was, you’re not doing so hot either. ‘Nuff said.

5. (You + Make-Up) = (You – Make-Up)
This has nothing to do with being high-maintenance and all to do with the integrity of your face. Do you look like yourself even with all that makeup or do you look like a completely different person after the fake lashes, drawn-in eyebrows, lip fillers, and whatever else? Not only do guys want to make sure you’re natural, but they also want to know that YOU are comfortable with who you are and what you look like.

6. You are good at something.
Something. Anything. Whether it’s painting, dancing, running, cooking, closing deals…whatever it is, you’re passionate about it and do it well. He wants to be proud of you!

7. You are debt-free.
Debt is a real dead weight when it comes to relationships. Finances are a great cause of stress in any relationship, especially marriage. What do your finances say about your spending habits, your saving habits, what’s important to you, your future, and where you are in your career? This might offend some women, but think about the other end. How would you feel about entering into a relationship with a man who not only has large amounts of school debt, a mortgage, credit card debt, and maybe even alimony or child-support payments?

8. You’re flexible…
…in more ways than one 😉

9. You have great friends.
The five girl friends you surround yourself with say a lot about who you are. Not only do their characteristics reflect yours and what you’re willing to put up with, but will they get along with Mr. Right?

10. You’re honest with yourself and others about who you are.
Self-awareness is SUPER important. This includes being honest about what your quirks are, but also being able to admit that you can’t walk in heels, or you don’t look like Blake Lively, or that cleaning isn’t your thing. We can’t be everything to everyone. Realize that it’s ok to lack in some areas because no one judges you for it. And if he does, he wasn’t for you any way.

Ladies, what did I miss on this list? To refer to the men’s list, click here.


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  • carla birnberg

    “you are happy solo. completely and entirely. and being together is a choice”

  • Betsy Moats

    Good list and I like Carla’s input. I think you can sum up anybody’s ability to be “worth keeping” with what she said!