Eat local and eat what’s in season. Not only is it good for your body, but also eating fruits and vegetables in season means more money saved, more nutrients, more flavor, and more variety. Each month I feature fruits and vegetables that are in season that month. Say goodbye to April, and check out what fruits and vegetables are in season in May.
Fruits and Vegetables in season May

1. Sorrel – Yep, it’s edible. Sorrels are a garden herb or leaf vegetable high in vitamins A and C. Tastes like kiwis or sour wild strawberries.
2. Brooks Cherries
3. Watsonville Strawberries
4. Rainier Cherries
5. Radishes
6. Lemongrass
7. Dandelions – yep, it’s a food.
8. Apricots
9. Green Almonds
10. English Peas
11. Spinach
12. New Jersey Asparagus – good things CAN come from New Jersey 😉
13. Watercress
14. Green Garlic
15. Flowering Chives
16. Sorrel – a wild, edible plant that is earthy in taste similar to chard.
17. White Asparagus
18. Mousserons Mushrooms – often confused as the porcini mushroom, these little mushrooms are rich in flavor and rank high in the fungal flavor.

Look at the variety and range of colors in the foods available this month. One of the reasons we crave junk food is boredom. We’re either bored with our circumstances, or bored with our food choices. Like many of you, I eat the same things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m ok with routine, but sometimes we need a change. When these times arise, try a new fruit or vegetable that’s in season instead of grabbing junk food.

Most of the items will not be available at your grocery chain. Some may not be available in your area. Visit your local farmer’s market or community supported agriculture (CSA) group to find out what produce is in season in your area. Some farmers can even suggest how to best cook and eat the rare fruit or vegetable. This month, I’ll try to incorporate dandelions and watercress in my diet. Stay tuned.

What fruit or vegetable of the month would you like to try?

  • Love this post! The images are so pretty and reminded me that our farmers market opens tomorrow – which I am beyond thrilled about!

    We are big fans of dandelion. Matt actually got into it first adding it into salads and he also brews a cold tea using it. It definitely has a strong flavor but it’s a nutrient-packed food. I always thought it was just an annoying weed!

    • Lisa- I’m so excited for you as you explore your new farmers market. regarding dandelions – do you guys use the greens or the flowers? Very curious. I’ve heard some people sautee in oil and garlic as well. I’ve seen dandelion teas, so will have to grab some.