The Juice Diaries: The Truth About Juicing and Its Benefits

Cold-pressed juice has become the new “it” food in NYC. With the popularity of food documentaries like ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’, the demand for cold-pressed juices has increased and there’s a new juice place opening on what feels like every corner. The benefits of juicing are undeniable when many accredit it for weight loss, lower cholesterol, increase in energy, clearer skin, and more.
Liquiteria Juice Killer X
I’ve experienced the benefits of juicing, and one of my favorite things to do is grab a green juice with my girl friends after a spin class. Some of my favorites are Juice Generation, Juice Press, and Liquiteria; however, there is no substantial evidence that juicing is HEALTHIER for you than eating its solid counterparts. It by no means is supposed to replace food long term, nor is it supposed to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. But damn it, it sure does make me feel better!
Liquiteria Juice Killer XX
Liquiteria Juice Killer XX
The day before the More Magazine and Fitness Magazine Women’s Half, I was in bed sick. Nothing but sleep and liquids made me feel better. I know there is no cure for the common cold, but juice comes pretty close! I truly believe there is no better medicine than good, clean foods. I picked up Liquiteria Killer XX juice and it almost instantly energized and revitalized me.

Juice is a great way to get extra nutrients but it isn’t the magic weight loss plan for me. For the long term, you’re better off eating the whole food counterparts, especially these foods from my Clean and Lean shopping list. But juice definitely is helpful in pursuing a healthier, leaner life.

If juice helps you eat the fruits and vegetables you otherwise wouldn’t eat, great! If juice saves from picking up McDonald’s on the way home, great! But be aware of how much fruit sugar is in it. Some juices have more sugar in it than candy bars. Sugar is sugar. Your body doesn’t know the difference. It does recognize that chemicals are crap, though!

Juicing isn’t about being skinny. It’s about being aware of your body, its needs, and how you treat it. I personally love cold-pressed juice. It gives me energy, it’s convenient on-the-go, is a great replacement for sweets, and just makes me smile.

Time To Sound Off: How do you feel about juicing? And do you have a favorite place to get your amazing, fresh-pressed juice?