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benefits of cassia seeds
Every time I visit my parents, my mom introduces me to a new tea. This Christmas she introduced me to cassia seed tea. Teas have a multitude of health benefits and can be used to naturally cure and aide ailments. Learn more about the benefits of cassia seeds after the jump.

cassia seed tea
benefits of cassia seed tea
My mom lives by the rule that anything from the earth is healthy and good for you. Over Christmas she handed me cassia seed tea and said that it was good for my eyes (I have terrible eyesight). Like any good daughter would, I drank the tea and did my fact checking behind her back. Turns out she was right and there are many additional health benefits to cassia seeds.

Cassia Seeds
*are grown in tropical climates.
*are brown and/or greenish in color.
*can treat high blood pressure.
*can remove excess heat from your body, aiding liver, kidney, and intestine function.
*help relieve constipation.
*can aide in weight loss and preventing bloating.
*can help maintain healthy vision.

Cassia seed tea is nutty and a bit bitter so you’ll be tempted to add a sweetener, but don’t! Asian teas are rarely drank with milk or honey. You can find cassia seed tea at your local Asian market.