Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

As the weather gets warmer, I love the variety of fruits that are delivered to my local organic store. One fruit that I always look forward to seeing is dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, because it’s so peculiar looking. I’ve always wanted to know what pitaya tastes like but have always been intimidated by its looks. So today I’ve partnered with FreshDirect to bring you Pitaya Smoothie Bowls. Fresh Direct has taken the guess work out of pitaya and made it easy to enjoy by providing these Pitaya Plus Smoothie Packs – individual servings of frozen pitaya. Each order comes with four packets and are packed with fiber, anti-oxidants, and Vitamin C.

Pitaya Smoothie Bowls | leangirlsclub

Pitaya Smoothie Bowl | leangirlsclub

Pitaya Smoothie Bowls | leangirlsclub

Pitaya Smoothie Bowl | leangirlsclub

Pitaya Smoothie Bowls | leangirsclub

These smoothie bowls were super easy to make. I blended two pitaya plus smoothie packs with 1/2 cup of mango and 1/2 cup of pineapple to make two bowls. If you like your smoothies a bit sweeter, I would recommend adding a 1/2 cup of apple or orange juice because the pitaya is very tart (and low in sugar). I poured the pitaya smoothie mixture in a bowl, topped with my 2 tbsp of my favorite granola, blueberries, raspberries, and banana slices, all ordered from FreshDirect. While I can run marathons, running to the grocery store is a chore for me.

Not only did my pitaya smoothie bowl taste good, but it was so pretty. Pitaya has an identifying magenta pink color – I felt like I was eating something out of a Dr. Seuss book. And who doesn’t love a smoothie bowl? It makes healthy eating so easy! Now I just need to find somewhere tropical to go and eat these…

Each pitaya plus smoothie pack is 60 calories, 3g of fiber and 8g of sugar.


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  • Pitaya Plus

    Such a lovely post:) Thank you so much for using our Pitaya packs!

  • Elana Lyn Gross

    Wow that looks so good! I want to try it!