Holiday Cheer & Cocktails With Drizly

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The holiday season is filled with lots of reasons to celebrate. It was an epic year for me: I got married, brought home a puppy, starred in a Dove commercial, ran my fifth NYC Marathon, traveled all over the world, remained healthy, and more. I partnered with Drizly to find a way to celebrate.

I decided to host my own get together with some loved ones to celebrate an early Christmas and our 6-month wedding anniversary. The holiday season can be overwhelming with the abundance of office parties, get-togethers, and dinners but I couldn’t leave town to meet my real family without celebrating with my NYC family.

I’m no Martha Stewart, but one of the main benefits of hosting is that I can to control what we eat and drink. I found these cocktail recipes on Drizly to complement our brunch-style fare, and modified them to make them low-calorie.

Winter Citrus Swizzle

1 1/2 oz Ruby Red Vodka
3 oz Perrier L’Orange
1/2 oz Rosemary Simple Syrup (I skipped this)
Fresh Rosemary

How To Mix:
1. In a collins glass with ice, pour vodka first then rosemary simple syrup (optional) and finally top with Perrier L’Orange sparkling water.

2. Slide a tall sprig of rosemary (I used a sprig of my Christmas tree) down the side of the glass.

3. Stir gently with sprig before enjoying.


Prosecco or Dry Sparkling Wine
Frozen Fruit Sorbet

How To Mix:
1. In a champagne flute, adda tsp scoop of sorbet and top with sparkling wine.

Drizly is a service that delivers alcohol and anything else you need to make a cocktail. They delivered the prosecco and ruby red vodka straight to my door, allowing me to focus on food prep, decorating, and getting dressed. This party was definitely my most stress-free event.

Thank you, Drizly, for partnering with me and reminding me to enjoy this holiday season.

PS, if you live in NYC Drizly also delivers ice. This service alone saves me because carrying bags of ice home is never fun.