One of my favorite things to order at Thai restaurants is their iced coffee. I love the rich flavor and the creamy texture of Thai iced coffee- it’s like a frappe without all the foam – but I hate drinking my calories. I’d rather have more food! So here’s how to have your coffee and eat drink it too. Make your coffee with coconut water for added hydration, potassium, magnesium, and electrolytes. I’ll be enjoying this healthy Thai iced coffee as we count down the last days of summer. Recipe after the jump.

Healthy Thai Iced Coffee

Healthy Thai Iced Coffee

1 – Serving of Iced Coffee Concentrate (I used Grady’s)
1 – 10 oz Bottle of Copra Raw Coconut Water
1 – Can of Coconut Milk (I used Thai Kitchen’s)
Agave to taste (I didn’t use any…the coconut water and milk sweetened it enough for me)

Serves: 2-4

1. Make iced coffee mixture by combining cold iced coffee concentrate and Copra Raw Coconut Water. Follow the instructions for making iced coffee using the concentrate.

2. Add ice to glass. Pour iced coffee mixture. Top with coconut milk.

3. All the coconut milk slowly sink into the coffee. You’ll see an ombré effect. Serve and allow the drinker to stir his/her drink. Enjoy!

Healthy Thai Iced Coffee

Healthy Thai Iced Coffee

Healthy Thai Iced Coffee

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I hope you have a WONDERFUL Friday. Cheers to the weekend, Lean Girls!


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