Green Blender Smoothies

Green Blender is a smoothie subscription service that delivers five unique smoothie recipes and pre-portioned ingredients to your door weekly. It’s like Blue Apron for smoothie lovers. Designed by nutritionists, the smoothies are fresh, nutritious, and packed with super-foods. I first learned about Green Blender on Instagram while undergoing my 30 days of #AdventuresInJuice series, and have also met Jenna (the founder) at several health and wellness events. So when I had the opportunity to actually try it, I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to eat clean for a week after the traveling I’ve been doing, so I thought it would be a great way to recharge my system.

Green Blender review

My first Green Blender box was neatly packaged and delivered to me via messenger around 6 pm Wednesday. However, my first box was supposed to be delivered the week prior. Both the messenger service and Jenna from Green Blender contacted me explaining there was an issue with my delivery. Apparently my poor delivery guy slipped on ice and hurt himself that day. I had been looking forward to trying this Thin Mint smoothie, but it was really no big deal. I appreciated the follow up.

Green Blender review

I opened the box to find a nice introductory note and pre-portioned ingredients. I immediately refrigerated the ingredients because they’re all perishable and I wanted my smoothies to be cold and refreshing. My number one complaint about other food and meal subscription services is the amount of waste they produce in packaging. Green Blender’s packaging is limited to the absolute basics. There was only one sheet of craft paper at the bottom of the box, recipes were printed on one sheet of paper, and there were no ice packs or excessive plastic used. (I couldn’t help but think about the waste on a weekly basis, but it is significantly better than other food subscription services and no different than using plastic bags at the grocery store.) As promised, ingredients were perfectly pre-portioned for each of the five smoothies. I especially loved the mini-packets of “boosters” – every Green Blender includes one.

Green Blender review

As I mentioned, every ingredient is pre-portioned so there is no measuring, weighing, or extra work. You literally just dump the ingredients the recipe calls for into your blender. There’s minimal chopping. All of the produce was fresh and clean (although Green Blender recommends you still clean your produce). My banana arrived a bit ripe and by the end of the week I had to pick out some spoiled sugar snap peas. But that’s normal. Real, natural produce is should rot after a few days.

Green Blenders are not like the smoothies you get at Jamba Juice or your typical strawberry-banana smoothie you get at your local store (if you didn’t know, those are usually not made from real fruit as they advertise). These are HEALTHY and mainly vegetable based making the smoothies less sweet but sweet enough. It’s a great way to transition to all green smoothies, but it may be tart for some.

In my batch, none of the recipes exceeded 250 calories (I calculated the calorie content on My Fitness Pal). The even better new. While there are five smoothie recipes, each smoothie produces two servings. So cut the 250 calories in half, and each serving has no more than 75 calories. That is SIGNIFICANTLY better than your local smoothie chain. It’s because Green Blender smoothies are generally made with more vegetables than fruit. So if you’re looking to add more veggies into your diet, go with these smoothies.

The service is $49 and delivery is free. It may seem a bit steep, but you get 10 smoothies out of it so it’s actually $4.90 each. Again, significantly cheaper than your local smoothie or juice joint. You just have to drink all of it to ensure you get your money’s worth!

I like that Green Blender expands my smoothie horizons. I generally make a variation of a spinach and banana smoothie. Green Blender had me trying swiss chard, sugar snap peas, beets, ginger, maple water, and a bunch of boosters I never use: maca powder, acai berry powder, hemp seeds, and maqui powder. Let’s be real. We all like the idea those different super-food powders and seeds, but none of us want to buy an entire bag of it. Green Blender allows you to sample it without

I would have been ok with just three smoothie recipes in my box. It took quite the effort to drink all five (or technically ten) smoothies in one week.

I had Two Peas in a Pod, 50 Shades of Green, My Heart Skips A Beet, Chocolate Maca Maple, and Pear Pom Pom. My personal favorite was My Heart Skips A Beet which was packed with flavor from the orange, beets, and ginger.

You can find all these recipes and more online at Green Blender.


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  • I’ve never thought of putting snap peas in a smoothie, but the flavor isn’t overpowering so it probably just adding some nutrition (I’m guessing) – very interesting! Is the service only available in New York right now? I’m also curious how many ounces is in each smoothie – if you had 10? This is good inspiration to get more creative with my recipes!