Eat local and eat produce that’s in season. Not only is it good for your body, but also eating fruits and vegetables in season means more money saved, more nutrients, more flavor, and more variety. Each month I feature fruits and vegetables that are in season that month. Say goodbye to July, and welcome August. I cannot believe it’s August. I haven’t even begun to enjoy my summer yet and it’s near over. This month there’s a variety of sweet, juicy fruits to enjoy. Enjoy it while it lasts because as hottie John Snow says, “winter is coming.”
Fruits and Vegetables In Season in August

Charentais Melons – add with proscuitto
Chili Peppers
Cotton Candy Grapes – they taste as sweet as they sound, but won’t rot your teeth.
Escarole – I love using escarole for ssam.
Fresh Basil – Try this toasted walnut cheesy pesto.
Figs – I eat these on the regular. They help with digestion 🙂
Goddess Melons – try these in your next juice or smoothie for a boost
Gold Beetsbeet chips anyone? They’re better than any store-bought kind.
Heirloom Tomatoes
Lobster Mushrooms
Local Beets – try this pretty beet ravioli.
New Potatoes – no further explanation necessary. I love potatoes in all forms.
Pluots – see how pretty this pluot and ginger crostata is? Add some ice cream and BAM!
Romano Beans
Spaghetti Squash – not sure how to cook it? Read the how-to here.
Sweet and Hot Peppers
Tomatillostomatillo margaritas, anyone?
Wild Main Blueberries
Witch Finger Grapes
– they’re strange looking, but I’ll try (almost) anything at least once.

What are you most excited to try this month? Share your favorite recipe using any of these seasonal items below.