Eat local and eat what’s in season. Not only is it good for your body, but also eating fruits and vegetables in season means more money saved, more nutrients, more flavor, and more variety. Each month I feature fruits and vegetables that are in season that month. Say goodbye to the produce of May, and welcome the beautiful fruits and vegetables of June.

eat local fruits and vegetables in season June

1. Red Currants
2. Tri Star Strawberries
3. Bing Cherries
4. Raspberries
5. Peppers – all peppers, but I especially love the spicy ones. Caliente!
6. Fresh Tarragon
7. Yellow Wax Beans
8. Squash Blossoms – can I put them in my vase?
9. Okra – can someone please send me a recipe that makes these yummy, please?
10. Lime
11. Gooseberries
12. California Figs – they’re high in fiber! You know what that means…
13. Sugar Snap Peas
14. Baby Bok Choy – I love adding this into stir fry for a bit of crunch.
15. Garlic Scapes
16. Sea Beans
17. Rainbow Chard
18. Blueberries
19. Blackberries
20. Black Summer Truffles

One of the things I love most about summer is all the delicious, sweet fruit. I especially love this month’s list because of all the berries. Let’s throw all of them into the blender with some almond milk and ice. I wonder what it would taste like with the gooseberries? I think I will try that one day this month during my #AdventuresInJuice challenge on Instagram.

We’re only halfway through the year and I have more fruits and vegetables to share with you. I hope you are inspired each month by these lists to try a new food. I hope it brings diversity, creativity, excitement, and flavor into your lives. I’d love if you would share any recipes you try.

And seriously, if anyone has a good okra recipe please let me know. I actually like the vegetable but hate how slimy they are when I cook them. What am I doing wrong?

Which fruit or vegetable are you looking forward to trying this month?