clean and lean shopping list for detoxing
After the holidays, we can all benefit from resetting our eating habits. This is the ultimate shopping list if you’re looking to detox, eat clean, and burn fat.

You will need a few things here and there depending on the recipe, but I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting this core group of foods that make my Clean & Lean Grocery Shopping List. Each of these items are high in nutrients and effective in fat burning. Having this list with me at the supermarket is super helpful. Otherwise I’d literally be a kid in a candy store.

Here is what a sample clean eating day would look like…

oats cooked in water with blueberries and cinnamon

omelet with spinach and peppers

green smoothie with spinach, apple, lemon juice, blueberries with water or unsweetened almond milk

vegetable frittata

grilled chicken breast (using EVOO) and Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning
kale sauteed with EVOO, garlic, and lemon juice and quinoa

grilled chicken sandwich
vegetable frittata

1 green apple
15 almonds

My biggest tip would be to experiment with what you like and what works for you. Use turkey instead of chicken or eat collards if you don’t like kale. But always combine your carbohydrates with a protein.

If you’re interested in learning the science behind these foods, leave a comment/question or check out the nutrition class by Ariane Hundt. It’s extremely informative and will change the way you think about your eating habits. I’ve learned that body transformations are 80% nutrition and 20% working out.

What foods are your go-to’s when you’re looking to eat clean and detox?

Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
Granny Smith Apples
Strawberries (fresh or frozen)
Peas (fresh or frozen)
Chicken Breast (free-range/organic if possible)
Eggs (free-range/organic if possible)
Mrs. Dash Salt Free Seasonings
Yogi Berry Detox Tea
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extras that should have made the cut:
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Balsamic Vinegar
Coconut Oil
Any vegetable
Turkey, Fish
Almond Butter

  • Jilly

    What if you hate quinoa? I do. The texture gags me. Also I wouldn’t eat it (unless fair traded…ever try to find THAT?) because it’s being priced out of the market for the poor in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Please come up with a substitute!

    • Jilly- you’re not alone. Lots of people hate quinoa! I also love good ol’ brown rice, farro, and cous cous. Try any one of those with almond milk and some cinnamon or a bit of chocolate if you’re looking for something sweet. Delicious!

      Will have to do some more research about Peru/Bolivia quinoa situation. Sad that everything is tainted making it hard to buy anything without conflict. Thanks for the tip.

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  • The Fit Fork

    Thanks for sharing, always interesting to see someone else’s shopping list. Just read yesterday that Granny Smith’s are the best apple to eat, have the most phytonutrients . . .

    • @thefitfork – I love granny smiths because of that reason. I believe it has the lowest concentration of sugar as well. It all adds up, right?

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