Forgive me, readers, for I have been committing the ultimate healthy lifestyle sin. I have not been dedicating my Sundays to food prep. For those who don’t know what food prep is, this is not the time where you wash and prepare your ingredients in order to make a lavish dish. In the fitness world, food prep is the day spent planning, cooking, and measuring meals for the week so you know exactly what your intake is and you aren’t tempted to make poor food choices. It looks something like this.

Actually, I should admit that food prep doesn’t take an entire day. Most people say that it only takes them one to two hours. One to two hours doesn’t seem very long, except I can think of 100 other things I’d rather be doing with that time. I’d much rather be running, cleaning, blogging, watching a movie, exploring NYC, getting a massage, reading‚Ķanything except cooking and planning my meals for the week. I think food prep is tedious and boring.

What I’ve come to (finally) learn recently, though, is planning your meals is just as important as scheduling your workouts ahead of time. Without a plan, you’re bound to neglect your commitments and even have amnesia when under pressure. Sometimes when I’m so ravenous and looking for a late lunch at 4 pm, I completely forget my earlier commitment to eat healthy. Does that happen to you? Not having a plan leaves room for failure. (Notice I said “room for failure,” and not “YOU are a failure” because you’re not!)


While I have been steadily losing and maintaining my weight for years, I’ve never gone the extra mile to lose the last 15 pounds until now. For the past twenty days I’ve had my fridge stocked with fruits and vegetables, cooked at home and saved leftovers for future meals, stashed snacks in my purse, and logged all my food in my My Fitness Pal app. I’ve been eating less, but never found myself unbearably hungry because I’m prepared with healthy choices.

Lean Girl Tip: Weight-loss is 80% nutrition, and 20% workouts.

Food prep is not about limiting your choices. Food prep is making every meal an opportunity to get one step closer to your goal.

If you look at food prep that way, eating almost becomes a game like “how many meals will it take ’til Grace buys smaller pants?” It’s way more fun to think this way than to think that you’re being restricted. For 20 days I’ve been armed and ready, and as a result I am down seven pounds! Woop Woop! This week I plan on kicking it up a notch by packing my lunches rather than buying $10 salads. Wish me luck because this has always been a challenge for me!

While I’ve experienced the benefits of simple food prep, I still find it dull. I’m looking for ways to make food prep more fun. Maybe it’s a cute bento box, or a dance party in the kitchen? How do you do it?

Time To Sound Off: Do you plan your meals? How do you keep food prep fresh?

  • I hate food prep too! It’s so time consuming but its a necessary evil for me because I do not eat processed foods and I am a vegan/vegetarian/. I absolutely have to make sure I prep my meals for the week or I will starve or just eat a bunch of junk food. Since I don’t eat meat I try to be creative with my meals I can’t just do the simple chicken breast broccoli with brown rice. That gets old really fast.

    • @BajanBeauty80:disqus – I love that you call it a necessary evil. Also, I’m neither a vegan nor vegetarian, but I’ve been eating a plant based diet for the last 28 days. I love how I feel, but because it’s been quite the adjustment. I’ve found that if I don’t prep for the week, I will be caught starving. What is your go-to meal since you don’t do the chicken breast with broccoli and brown rice? I’ve been doing salads with beans, or homemade veggie patties or vegetables wrapped in nori. I need suggestions/help!

      • That’s sounds like a good start! I love veggie wraps, they are so easy to make. I keep it simple by using pre-cut/bagged veggies. I also love all in one meals like stuffed peppers which you can easily add a protein, starch and veggies or one pot recipes. Here’s a link to my vegetarian plant-based pinterest board, I’ve probably make about 50% of the recipes I’ve pinned.