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Growing up, I was a kid who didn’t eat breakfast. When test day came around and teachers encouraged us to eat a well-balanced breakfast to get those brain cells moving, I ate sugary cereal…and then would get sick during the test. There was a reason I skipped breakfast! I don’t know if it was moving to NYC where brunch is a sport or if it was cutting out cereal, but somewhere down the line breakfast became my favorite meal and without it, I’m weak.

It’s not just physical where I don’t have the energy but more so weak in will-power. I crash and burn and go for the crap that my brain, for a momentary lapse in judgment, says that a burger and fries will make it all better (and it never does). When I don’t eat breakfast, it sets my day off course and I eat horribly the rest of the day.

If you’re someone who’s trying to eat better, lose weight, or just have a less stressful day, make time to eat a well balanced breakfast and have four go-to meals. It also makes your grocery shopping easier. Here are my four go-to breakfasts…you’ll find that all of these items can be made from my Clean & Lean Grocery List.

1. Monkey Waffles – I use Van’s Gluten Free waffles, two tbsps of this AMAZING/DELICIOUS/CAN’T-GET’ENOUGH Coconut Peanut Spread, and 1/2 a sliced banana. (Pictured)
2. Oatmeal – oatmeal stabilized my blood sugar, fills me with fiber, and you can get sooooo creative with the toppings. Try my PB&B oatmeal that tastes like a PB&J. (Pictured)
3. Eggs with Spinach– eggs are one of the best sources of protein in my opinion. Try my Breakfast Stuffed Peppers for a kick.
4. Green Smoothie – I love this recipe from my friend The Beauty Fox, only I haven’t made it with avocado yet; however, she says the avocado makes the smoothie creamier. I like to make it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead.

What’s your go-to breakfast?


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  • Erin

    Thanks for these! I’ve been doing green smoothies and egg white omelettes! I usually add a protein like tuna or turkey.

    • Erin- I love my green smoothies. What do you put in yours? Seriously love Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk in mine.

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