You all loved the last time I shared five healthy foods that are not always healthy. So I decided to share more. The purpose of these posts is not to suck the fun out of eating or make you think that you “can’t” eat anything. The purpose is to make you aware of what you are eating to empower and equip you with the tools to make better decisions. Whether you want to eat better or lose a few pounds, watch out for the these sneaky foods that are disguised as healthy foods, but don’t always help you accomplish your goals. Here are 5 more healthy foods that are not always healthy.

Jiro dreams of sushi tuna

What could be unhealthy about fish and rice? Most sushi platters come with a minimum of 12 pieces of sushi. The raw fish and seaweed are nothing to be worried about, but imagine all the rice. Combine the rice of 12 pieces of sushi and you have more than you would normally consume. Each sushi piece is about 60 calories. 60 x 12 = 720 calories. If you love sushi rolls, be mindful of the “spicy” kind slathered in spicy mayo. It can add an extra 100-200 calories. Lastly, be mindful of how much soy sauce you use. Soy sauce is high in sodium and can make you retain water.

The Lean Choice – I like to order sashimi (yes, it’s just raw fish and it’s DELISH) with miso soup and/or a salad.

salad toppings
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Some of our favorite salad toppings are sabotaging the good we’re doing eating the salad in the first place. Cheese, croutons, candied nuts, and gobs of creamy dressings can add up to an extra 200-400 calories each. We might as well eat a burger, right?

The Lean Choice – If you’re looking for some crunch in your salads, opt for peppers, cucumbers, onions, and seeds. They’re lower in calories and will keep you feeling fuller. As for the dressing, ask for it on the side. I like to dip my fork in my dressing and then grab lettuce. It allows me to control how much dressing I consume and I can actually taste my salad!

5 Healthy Foods That Are Not Always Healthy

The a cup of dried fruit has two to three times more sugar than its fresh equivalent. That’s because when fruit is dried or dehydrated, the water is removed and the fruit becomes much denser. Imagine the difference between eating a cup of grapes versus a cup of raisins. Think of all the grapes it took to make a cup of raisins. Also, some companies add extra sugar to tart fruits like cranberries to make them more appealing to our pallets.

The Lean Choice – Mix your dried fruit with nuts and seeds…lots of seeds! Or if you’re bored with your fresh fruit, try freezing them. Frozen grapes and frozen bananas are delicious and make you feel like you’re eating dessert.

5 Healthy Foods That Are Not Always Healthy

I love these things. And they’re vegetables so they’re good for you right? Some brands fry their wasabi peas to get that crunch exterior before coating them in the white wasabi powder. Also, the wasabi powder is often combined with salt, sugar, and oil. While these little guys are usually only 150 calories for a 1/3 cup…we all know eating just a 1/3 cup is difficult.

The Lean Choice – Go for the steamed edameme. Or if you’re not ready to give these guys up like I am, mix 1/3 cup with some unsalted popcorn.

5 More Healthy Foods That Are Not Always Healthy
Source: Olahuna

These magic bars claim to be high in vitamins, protein, and performance enhancing minerals, but many are glorified candy bars with enriched flour, added sugars in various forms, and a bunch of ingredients I just don’t know how to pronounce. As always, read the back of the label not the front. You’ll find that some are filled with crap on top of crap.

The Lean Choice – I love Quest Bars, Kind Bars, and Lara Bars. They’re all 200 calories or less and made with things I know how to pronounce!

5 More Healthy Foods That Are Not Always Healthy
Source: My Whole Food Life

Ok, so I lied. I’m listing six more healthy foods that are not always healthy and not five. Granola is not new. In order to get the crispy, crunch texture we all love it’s cooked in oil and added sugar. Not to mention it’s always filled with dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate. Mmm, chocolate.

The Lean Choice – Try a cup of Kashi cereal in your yogurt parfait for that added crunch or make your own granola with toasted oats, seeds, and coconut.

Time To Sound Off: How do you avoid the food trap? What are some healthy eating tips you use in your life?


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  • Jae Jin

    Great post! Just a heads up, though… Because Kashi is owned by Kellogg, the practices by which their products are produced are suspect at best. I would recommend some locally-produced Granolas like Early Bird.

    • @jaejin:disqus – good to know! I love Early Bird, Love Crunch, and Back To Nature but they’re all high in calories and sugar too. I’d prefer if folks mixed their granola with seeds, practice portion control, or made their own 🙂

  • Wasabi Peas are dangerous for sure! And keeping salad toppings in check is really important!

    I love granola but opt for making my own to reduce the added fats and sugar. I usually keep it to nuts and seeds, oats and honey. Really simple. Lately though, I’ve added quinoa (rinse then bake on a cookie sheet at 300′ for 10 minutes – stirring to make sure it doesn’t burn or stick) for a nice crunch and added protein.

    As always, great tips Grace!!