One of the things that women tell me is that they want to workout, but they just don’t have the time. As Katie Yip mentioned, exercise is cumulative. There’s this misconception that workouts have to be a consecutive one to two hours – they don’t. If you are strapped for time, try high intensity interval training (HIIT). Working out at an increased intensity for short bursts of time increases your heart rate, burns fat, increases your metabolism, and extends the post-workout burn. Try this workout from my blogger friend Mary Kate who just recently launched Damn Fine Fitness.

High Intensity Interval training workout

Download YOU BETTER WERK so you can try it at home. Thanks to Mary Kate for sharing her ‘You Better Werk’ workout and don’t forget to visit Damn Fine Fitness more workout and eating secrets so you can look damn fine.

If you have even less time, try my Tabata workout. It’s the best sweat you’ll get in 12 minutes.

Time To Sound Off: How do you fit in fitness during the day? What are some ways you’ve been able to increase movements throughout the day? In addition to long runs, I choose to take the stairs in my office building. I also stand when I have long conference calls.

  • I’m printing this out and taking it with me to Chicago tomorrow. Heading there for work and I’m hopeful that if I can’t make it out for a run Friday, I can at least fit in this quick workout in my hotel room! (well, most of it, at least)!

    To fit in my workout I just get up early and get it done. Only way for me. Even though it really sucks sometimes and I just want to go back to sleep; I know I’ll feel better if I do it than if I don’t. Also, my office is on the 2nd floor of a building and thankfully the stairs are much more convenient than the elevator, so that makes it easy.

    • Hope you enjoy the workout! Awesome job taking the stairs and motivating yourself to get up early and get your workout in! 🙂

    • @Lisa_earlymorningrun:disqus- I’ve always admired your ability to wake up before 5 am to get a workout in. I can only do that if I have a race or a trainer/friend waiting for me. I wish I could take the stairs more at work. I do between floors, but am forced to take the stairs to the fourth floor. Maybe I should take the elevator to the 2nd floor and walk up to the 4th floor. Oooh! That’s a great idea.