Crunch is always one of the first to bring you the latest in group fitness. The gym that brought you Crunch Live is now bringing you another hi-tech workout, Transformer with Disq. I was recently invited to try out the latest “it” class with top Crunch instructors Kelley and Justin. So what is Transformer with Disq? The Disq “is is a resistance-cable based device used for strength and cardio workouts. The device is composed of a pair of hip-mounted retractable resistance cables that thread through pulleys on each ankle and then are pulled by straps in your hands. The resistance wheels can be adjusted to any level and can be used with a range of exercises–from running and squatting to plyometrics to dancing and boxing.” Imagine your every day movements with resistance bands around your ankles and wrists.

Transformer with Disq class at Crunch Gym

The workout was broken up in multiple phases: the warmup, cardio, lower body, cardio, upper body, cardio, core, and the cool down. Within the first few minutes I got my heart rate pumping and sweat flowing. The class adhered to high intensity interval training (HIIT). We were split into groups and did a series of exercises for 30 seconds at a time with very little rest time. During the “rest” period, we switched sides and exercises with the other team. If it hadn’t been for the timer at the front of the class, I could’ve sworn there actually was no rest time. By the time I crossed the room it was time to start a new series of exercises.

Transformer with Disq class at Crunch Gym
Transformer with Disq class at Crunch

While the movements were neither difficult nor advanced, the little bit of resistance provided by the cables was all I needed to get my thighs and calves burning after multiple side shuffles, squats, squat jumps, and jumping jacks. It’s my fault really. At first tug, I didn’t think the cable provided much resistance so I kept the resistance on high for the duration of the 45 minute workout. I seem to be underestimating the difficulty of workouts lately, like I did with Kerboomka. I was sore for about three days thereafter.

*Low impact and easy on the joints.
*For all fitness levels – resistance can be adjusted per your fitness level.
*The Disq is roughly $300 per unit but are provided for class members.
*Man-friendly. This is one class that even guys will want to take.
*Exclusivity. Unlike other fitness trends, this one is only available at Crunch for the time being.

*The Disq is worn at the waist. For a moment I was worried that the waist band would not fit me. I worry that other women who may be larger than I am cannot fit them and be discouraged.
*Not portable unless you purchase the $300 Disq.

Transformer with Disq classes are available nationwide exclusively at your local Crunch Gyms beginning today. Critics from the Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times love it, and you will too.

You may be worried that you’ll get tangled up in the cables. You won’t. Or you may be worried that you’re not coordinated enough. It doesn’t matter. Transformer with Disq is worth trying out at least once…even if it’s to grab a cool Instagram photo of you looking like an iRobot.

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One lucky reader is going to win two free weeks to Crunch Gym so s/he can be one of the first to try Transformer with Disq! All you have to do is a leave a comment below sharing your favorite Robot movie. Random, I know, but did you really want to make up a silly reason why you want to try the Transformer class? We all know why you want to try it – it looks like fun! You have until Monday, September 8 at 10 am EST to enter. US residents only.


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  • Jessica

    I ordered the $199 version & it’s supposed to be portable–even comes with a little carry sack. How can it not be portable if you can run & walk with it?

    • Hi Jessica- thanks for clarifying. At the time of the post the Disq was $300. You’re correct, if you purchase the disq it is indeed portable. That’s what I meant to say….you have to purchase it in order to have access to it. Will clarify that in the post. Thanks for pointing that out.

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