One of the coolest things I got to do while preparing for the TCS NYC Marathon was train at the Technogym Flagship store. Technogym is not an actual gym one can go to, but rather where your gym goes to purchase all its fancy equipment. And fancy it is! Technogym is one of the leading makers of fitness and wellness equipment known for their sleek, futuristic design, cutting-edge technology, and innovation.

Technogym Flagship Store in NYC SoHo

I was invited to test out MyRunning Logbook for Technogym, which is the first application that lets you exactly replicate the New York City Marathon, the Golden Gate Bridge, and other iconic outdoor routes on your treadmill. So I jumped at the opportunity to test out this new innovation.

MyRunning Logbook from Technogym

One Friday morning, instead of running four miles in Central Park I headed to the Technogym Flagship store in SoHo for my training run. It was right when the temps started to drop in the city and it saved me from a chilly run in Central Park. So what did I do instead? I ran Central Park indoors on a treadmill. Central Park is NOT one of the iconic outdoor routes pre-programmed in MyRunning Logbook; however, I’m able to log my own routes and save them for future runs. For example, I can go to Central Park today and run the six mile outer loop on MyRunning Logbook, record the route with the GPS, track my pace, and then later compete with myself (the ghost) using the app on the treadmill.

MyRunning Logbook from Technogym

I love the accountability that the ghost provides. While I ran against someone else’s ghost this day, the next time I run this course at Technogym I can compete against my own ghost. I will be able to see how much slower or faster I am compared to my last run step by step.

The main selling point of MyRunning Logbook is that I can train for a specific run from hundreds of miles away. So if I ever wanted to run the Golden Gate Bridge, I could do it from my gym in NYC and be prepared for race day in San Francisco. I can’t tell you how helpful this would be for many of us who travel for races. For me, part of the fear and anxiety comes from not knowing what to expect when I arrive on location, and Technogym takes that away. Granted, it doesn’t account for elevation or race day conditions, but it’s as close to the real thing as possible.

The Technogym treadmills are serious business. The one I used with MyRunning Logbook not only was hooked up to cable television, but also Netflix and my favorite social networks so I could share my workout. These machines are definitely not accessible for everyone, but it was a privilege to be able to test the machine and experience running in luxury, technically speaking.

MyRunning Logbook from Technogym

Technogym is located at 70 Greene Street in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by. The store is like a museum itself!

  • Ken C

    The MyRunning Logbook sounds awesome, as a IT person I would love applying this technology to my program.

    • @disqus_hpZuALk9Vh:disqus – I wish it was available to me every day of the year…especially as we head into this winter season. I hope you find the opportunity to head to the Technogym store or find this application at your local gym.