Americans spend an average of 444 minutes, or 7.4 hours, per day looking at a screen. 151 minutes, approximate 2.5 hours, per day is spent on smart phone. If you can tell a lot about a person by looking at how she spends her time, then I beg to say that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at her phone and seeing what apps occupy her time. Naturally, I have the most fitness apps on my phone that not only occupy my 151+ minutes but also my battery life. Here are my top apps to help you live healthier in 2015 – and why I love them.

Top Fitness Apps

If you’re looking to track your food easily…
1. MY FITNESS PAL – it has the largest food directory of all the food tracking apps and is a no-nonsense app. It’s easy to find the foods you eat, enter your own recipes, and even add multiple foods at once, which no other app can do. My favorite part is that after you’ve entered in your foods for the day, My Fitness Pal tells you how much you’d weigh in five weeks if you maintained your eating habits.

If you’re looking to lose weight…
2. LOSE IT – it’s similar to My Fitness Pal, but it’s specifically built for losing weight. I also like the design/interface a bit better. Lose It not only helps track food, but it helps plan meals. And we all know planning ahead is KEY to weight-loss.

If you’re looking to have fun, laugh a little, while being productive…
3. CARROT – the self-proclaimed sadistic app that helps you live better. There are four different versions: To-Do, Alarm, Fit, and Hunger (which is the only one that is free). From the moment you download and open it, it makes you laugh. I’ve never been as offended or amused.

If you’re looking to improve your running…
4. MY ASICS – Better Your Best with the My Asics app. This app customizes a running plan for you whether your goal is to run a 5k or marathon. You enter your distance goal and your current pace and tells you exactly what to do every day. Not only does MY ASICS help you run further, but it also helps you run faster to hit your goal time.

If you’re looking to sweat wherever you are…
5. NIKE TRAINING CLUB – whether your goal is to get lean, get toned, get strong, or get focused, find workouts catered to your fitness level. I love the beautiful hi-def video, the strong women in the videos, and the portability. Workouts vary from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Beware, you have no excuse not to workout after you download this app.

If you’re looking to sleep better…
6. SLEEPIO – your virtual sleep expert, the Prof with his soothing voice, helps you put the day to rest, wind down, and sleep. The catch, you have to shell out money weekly for a personalized plan. Don’t want to pay? Use his tips to reflect on the day, write down what you have to do tomorrow, and “put the day to rest.”

If you’re looking to never be surprised by Aunt Flo again…
7. PINK PAD PERIOD & FERTILITY TRACKER – it’s not the prettiest app, but it’s accurate. After approximately three months of use, this app tells me when I should expect my next period. It has yet to fail me. It also tells you when your “flowers are blooming,” which is great for those who are family planning.

If you’re looking to drink more water…
8. DAILY WATER – get your eight glasses per day by “emptying” a glass every time you drink water. Set notifications to remind you drink your water so you’re hydrated, regular, and refreshed. I’m sure there are more fancy apps out there, but I like that this one is simple and easy to use.

If you’re looking to increase your flexibility…
9. FITSTAR YOGA – it’s guided yoga on-the-go. Fitstar gives you one free yoga session + one freestyle session per week so you can stretch and find your zen. Upgrade for a more personalized plan, support, and access to unlimited their HD yoga videos.

If you’re looking to monitor your heart rate…
10. INSTANT HEART RATE – this app is the #1 heart rate app all over the world. Place the tip of your index finger on the iPhone’s camera and voila, your heart rate pops up. No fancy watch or chest strap necessary. Upgrade if you would like to receive workouts, tips, support, and more for a healthier heart.

If you’re looking for FITSPIRATION (Fitness + Inspiration)…
11. BURN THIS – this app is primarily used to book boutique fitness classes in NYC, but one of the main features of BURN THIS is the WALL where users post their healthy and fit photos. It’s like Instagram for fit people. You’ll never have to hear your friends complain about your obsessive gym selfies.

Time to Sound Off: What are some of your favorite apps? And what occupies most of your time on your smart phones? Don’t lie if it’s Candy Crush 🙂 I recently downloaded Criminal Case, a murder mystery-themed, hidden object game and I regret it. It’s so addictive!


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  • Wendy

    thanks for these! i already downloaded a couple. hoping to run my 1st marathon this year so the my asics app should come in handy. 🙂

    • @disqus_PCNdhKyxJV:disqus – which marathon are you running? Congrats and I’m so excited for you. The Asics app works. i’m using it right now to PR for my next Half Marathon.

  • These are great! I love the NTC app – need to try the others too!

    • @dcfitcrasher:disqus – I’m really loving the NTC app…this is why my battery is always low 🙂

  • Janelle

    I’ve never heard about the My Asics app, but I need it! I’ve been trying to improve my speed but unsure how to do so

    • @disqus_e6cv42kFgT:disqus – definitely check it out. Hills have really helped me as well and sprinting short distances.

  • Really great list – I haven’t heard of most of these. The majority of apps I use are social media, but I need to download myfitnesspal again, or perhaps just get off my butt and download the FitBit app (since I got one at the start of the year!) I try not to download games as it’ll suck my time away faster than anything.

    • @Lisa_earlymorningrun:disqus – so jealous that you have a FitBit! I heard the new one is amazing. I love all these apps, but this is why my battery drains by 3 pm 🙂

  • Lolita C.

    I love Daily Burn…but only cause my brother is featured on the MetCon series w/ Anja Garcia. Yes, shameless plug. And of course Instagram, Twitter, and FB (where these days its where you can find updated news stories since my job makes me miss Today Show and GMA).

  • Brittany Trentham

    Love these! I’m going to have to check all these out now!

  • need to look into #3 and #9

  • Fun! I am always looking for new apps to download 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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