You Need To Know THIS About The VS Fashion Show

It’s the most wonderful time of year. The Rockefeller Tree is up, store windows are decorated, lights are sparkling, and tis the season of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I have to admit that I once used to watch the show regularly and wanted to be an Angel. But mine was the time of Giselle Bündchen, Heidi Klum, and the ultimate Angel, Tyra Banks.

Back then, being a model meant that you were on the cover of a magazine or walked the runway once a season. You didn’t see them every day. Now in the age of social media, girls are hit-over-the head with images of perfection and self-enhancing filters on the regular. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a young girl today. By the way, it’s women, not men, who make up the majority of the Victoria’s Secret viewing audience. Kendall and Gigi are everywhere. And even if you don’t read the tabloids, their Instagram accounts remind you of how amazing their lives are and how amazing they look.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016

I met Gigi right before she hit it big. I remember thinking she was pretty, athletic, and kind, but she was just another girl to me. It was only when I saw her name trending that I started to see her through rose-colored glasses. Other people thought she was stunning, including Zayn Malik, so I started to think that as well. We, as women, tend to be influenced by how others think.

Instagram, magazines, and TV only capture people at their best moments. It’s not real! We show people versions of ourselves the way we hope to be seen, and not who we actually are.

If you plan on watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tonight, enjoy it but please be reminded that it took these girls hours to get camera-ready. It will take you less than five minutes to get into your pajamas, wipe off your makeup, and pour yourself a glass of wine after surviving another day at work, to watch this show.

Do not compare your worst self, to the amplified version of their selves.

I want to also remind you that this is a SHOW. It’s called the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for a reason. Shows use lights, makeup, costumes and other tricks of the trade to tell a story. The story that will be told tonight, is one that has been told for ages: Women are sexy and have fun in matching underwear sets and skinny is the only kind of beautiful.

Both are big, fat fairy tales.

First, I don’t know a single woman whose bras and panties have ever matched. And if they have, it was probably when they thought they were putting on a (private) show. There we go again, a show.

Also, skinny is not beautiful. Skinny is one type of attractiveness, which is temporary and objective. Notice that no one admires how small or boney a model is. We usually admire the lines that define their abs, legs, or arms. Those lines come from muscles. And how do you get muscles? You lift weights. You get stronger.

On the contrary, beauty is everlasting. beauty is measured in the quality of one’s strength, spirit, and kindness. And standing firm in your badass-ness!

If you choose to watch tonight’s show, enjoy the colorful costumes and the musical performances from Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, and Lady Gaga. I love me some Bruno and the Weeknd.

However, if you’re going to throw yourself a pity party and feel bad about yourself, DO NOT WATCH!!! Instead, find the motivation to do something that will make you feel strong, kind, smart, sexy, and/or graceful. Go for a run, practice yoga in your sports bra, deliver meals to the homeless, or take a boxing class at Shadowbox. Choose to do something that will give you a sense of accomplishment and make you feel good.

This will remind you that you’re pretty great, give you clarity about anything you’re unhappy about, and give you the motivation to change your circumstances.

If all else fails, strip down to your underwear, put on some high heels, dust some glitter on your body and strut down your hallway.

Because you, my darling, are bad ass and deserve to be praised.

Anti Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Anti Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

  • Liz Tailor

    “beauty is measured in the quality of one’s strength, spirit, and kindness. And standing firm in your badass-ness!” PREACH!! Every year I watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! It satisfies the fashion design major in me!! When I was younger, I would watch it and then starve myself the week after because…goals…priorities…focus. But it was really an effort to not accept who I was. I love this post because it’s taken me a long time and 8+ years of living in a city that teaches you (if you’re listening) to be yourself, cause everyone else is taken. Now I watch it and am inspired! And I don’t think to myself…better look like that, Liz. Because I know I never will. I’ll only ever look like me and I’m really happy with that option!! 😉

    • “Everyone else is taken.” That’s such a great reminder, Liz. We all want to be unique so we try to be like everyone else. So backwards! PS, I think you’re pretty cool.

    • Thanks Liz. I’m reminded to appreciate my body as it is now…because one day it may not be as skinny, or strong, or mobile….and then I will wish I was here now. Don’t want to miss this moment. Hope this makes sense.

  • I love everything about this. It’s so important to remember we shouldn’t compare ourselves to people who are models for a living – where exercising is a large portion of their job & so is a strict diet. Most people exercise AFTER their 9-5’s, so there’s just not always the time to fit it in. Nonetheless, beauty is only skin deep! <3 Love this post.

    • Jules – you are a gorgeous lady both inside and out!!! Besides the fact that they exercise as their 9-5, can you imagine having your body be your job review. Yikes!!! Ehhhh, not sure I can handle that. lol