The Perfect Fit: Finding the Perfect Running Shoes at City Sports

My top tip for finding the perfect pair of running shoes is consult a shoe expert at your local running store. Don’t buy your shoes at a warehouse sale unless you know your fit! After a marathon and a half, I was long overdue for a new pair of running shoes so I scheduled an appointment with a Footwear Fit Pro at City Sports.
The Perfect Fit: Finding New Running Shoes with City Sports
how to find running shoes at City Sports

Finding a new pair of shoes is overwhelming when you see a never ending wall of shoes. If it were up to me, I would pick the prettiest ones but we know that doesn’t work. TJ, my City Sports Footwear Fit Pro, analyzed my gait first and foremost. I’ve had my gait analyzed multiple times, but TJ’s method was different. There was no treadmill and camera to be seen. Instead, he had me walk barefoot and do a few lunges. I always get my gait checked before I purchase a new pair of running shoes. You never know if your arch has collapsed a bit or if you’ve started pronating. Any sort of change can affect your running and change your needs.

how to find good running shoes at City Sports

TJ was by far the most knowledgeable “fit expert” I’ve worked with. After my assessment, TJ recommended three different pairs of shoes (all different brands and varying price points) and was able to clearly explain how that particular pair would be good for me. He also explained how each shoe was structurally different and explained the difference between gel and foam support. My mind was blown! There’s a difference?!?!?! Yes, there’s a difference. Even more impressive was the fact that HE knew the difference and was able to explain it to me.

how to find good running shoes
how to find good running shoes

TJ brought out three pairs: the Gel Cumulus that I had been running in (it was good to know that I had been running in the right running shoes), the Brooks Ghost 6, and the Adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost.
Adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost

Which did I go with?

…the Brooks Ghost 6!
how to find the perfect running shoe

While I liked the Adidas, which is the revolutionary foam shoe, and the Gel Cumulus, the Brooks Ghost 6 felt like they were made specifically for my feet. Until that day at City Sports when I was able to compare shoes, I didn’t notice that the Gel Cumulus slipped off my feet. Clearly the slipping wasn’t a big deal since I had run two major races in them, but the Brooks Ghost 6 provided extra support around my ankles and there was no slippage. The Brooks were also the lowest priced. Double the win!
how to find good running shoes

TJ’s expertise and respect for my budget won me over to City Sports big time. I’m already looking forward to my next pair. If you’re looking for a SOLE MATE, check out my post SOLE MATES for more tips on how to find your perfect pair of running shoes.
how to find good running shoes

City Sports is an American sporting goods retailer operating mainly on the East Coast. Find your local store, here. Shoes were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.


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