The Chardonnay Run

This weekend The Chardonnay Run came to town and I was invited to participate. Someone obviously knew the key to my heart was combining the two things I love most in life: running and wine.

The Chardonnay Run is a 5k series that travels to major cities and this weekend it came to NYC. As suspected, the race has a  predominantly a female base and caters to that. If I had been a single, male this is where I would have been on Saturday morning. 


The Chardonnay Run is a fun run, like the Color Run, and for athletes of all levels. It’s not timed and the only person you compete with is yourself. We started at Pier 26 on the West Side of Manhattan, ran up along the gorgeous Hudson River admiring the New Jersey skyline, up to 17th street and back. I crossed the finish line with the Freedom Tower in sight and a glass of sparkling wine in my hand.


The race entry fee ranges from $45 to $70. While I had a lovely time, I wouldn’t say the race (or its amenities) is worth a pricey $70 price tag so be sure to register early.

Despite its price, the Chardonnay Run is a must-do with girlfriends. I ran solo and felt like I missed out on the social element of the race series. After you finish the race, you are entitled to one glass of wine and a cheese & fruit box as part of your entry fee. However, many race participants purchased additional wine tickets and stayed for the after party where they could enjoy live music and indulge in many treats available for purchase from NYC’s favorite food trucks. If you want to indulge in a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of wine before 10 am without judgement, this is the place to be. In fact, it’s applauded after the Chardonnay Run. That’s what I call a post-race celebration. 

The Chardonnay Race travels to major cities across the United States. Find out if your city is the next stop by visiting their website. Next up is Washington DC on August 30.


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  • Sorry you had to run solo, I would have totally done this with you if I were in town. I’ve heard about this run but didn’t know it was a fun run. I’m not huge on fun runs but the wine is surely a nice treat!

  • Looks fun! I wish I was in NYC so I could run with you!