The 30 Second Body {And Giveaway!}

Adam Rosante is on the rise. He’s been deemed one of the hottest trainers to watch by Details magazine, and one of the sexiest trainers in America by SELF magazine. But good looks aside, Adam is serious about helping people live a stronger and healthier lifestyle. Adam’s mantra is to eat clean, train dirty, and live hard (a good mantra to live by if you ask me). Recently I was invited to preview some of the exercises in Adam’s new book, The 30 Second Body. Spoiler alert, the work out didn’t last 30 seconds.

The 30 Second Body workout with Adam Rosante

The 30 Second Body with Adam Rosante

The 30 second body with Adam Rosante

The 30 Second body with Adam Rosante

The 30 Second body with Adam Rosante

The 30 Second Body with Adam Rosante

The 30 Second body with Adam Rosante

While we all know change doesn’t come overnight, or in 30 seconds, change CAN happen through a series of 30 second intervals. That’s what Adam’s workouts are all about: exercises performed at your highest intensity, 30 seconds at a time, and performed several times. With me, Adam focused on exercises that would improve my cardiovascular performance. While I consider myself to be in good shape, the jumps, side shuffles, core work, and sprints he made me do kicked my butt. You can tell in one of the photos I’m yelling “when will this be over?!?!”

Imagine doing all your least favorite exercises at your max intensity. Yikes, right? However, they’re made bearable because they only last 30 seconds. What I loved most about Adam’s workout is that you don’t need any equipment. It saves from having to buy some fancy new gadget and I can take the workout with me when I travel. (Adam was adamant about the fact that book be a soft cover so people can take it with them wherever they go.)

One lucky reader will win a copy of Adam Rosante’s new book The 30 Second Body AND an outfit like the one I’m wearing from C9 Champion (leggings, jacket, top, and sports bra). The book not only features all the exercises I tried (and more) but it also includes a meal plan, workout calendar, motivating advice, and inspiring testimonials.

Leave a comment below sharing one exercise you can only bear doing 30 seconds at a time. Burpees? Crunches? My least favorite are knee lifts, which Adam had me do :/

Open to US residents only (sorry!). Submissions will be accepted through Friday, March 20 at 11:59 pm. Good luck! Thank you to Target for being a partner in this giveaway!

  • felizady

    Lunges…I cannot stand lunges lol

    looking good, Gracielou!

    • @felizady:disqus – I can tolerate lunges…I know they help me. But I get it! They burn!

  • Ken C

    Burpees are tough and I have a hard time with the Yoga poses.

    • @disqus_hpZuALk9Vh:disqus- burpees are indeed tough…they may make my top three least favorite 😉

  • Ruth Christensen

    Any of the Ab crunches, I hate ab routines, but do them under protest 😉

    • @ruthchristensen:disqus – I’m with you…anything involving abs are my least favorite…which is probably why I don’t have a six pack.

  • adailydoseoffit

    Bicycle crunches. Man, they burn!

    • @adailydoseoffit:disqus – I may have to agree with you…Like Ruth, anything involving the abs are my least favorite. But I need to do them!

  • Stephanie T

    Planks! I’m getting a little stronger each try, but my back and abs do not love me when I’m plankin’ – I’ll get there sooner or later 🙂

    • @disqus_SNY0FWZC3F:disqus – they’re pretty brutal but they’re one of my favorites. I just learned yesterday that someone I know did a 20 minute plank. Doesn’t that sound awful? LOL

  • diane

    Pushups! Even the modified version – I can’t do them well.

    • @disqus_p6ZhKjw6rE:disqus – anything upper body is generally harder for women. But I’m working on mine this year and hope to get stronger. I hope you do too!

  • Katy Glynn

    Burpees are my worst nightmare! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

    • @disqus_Rr3Qzi9Zh9:disqus – yes! Burpees ARE horrible!!!

  • Laura

    Burpess are the worst. I can feel it so much when I do them!

    • @disqus_syUnlrPoLP:disqus – burpees ARE indeed the worst, but there are few things that work the entire body in such a short amount of time. Ugh, right?

  • Jasanna

    Planks!! I can barely do planks!!

    • @jasanna:disqus – I used to feel the same way, but now love them. Hope to build up my time. Just learned the other day that a trainer friend of mine did a plank for 20 minutes. Oof!

  • I have a lot of trouble with sit-ups, so I can barely do thirty seconds of those. I’m hoping that can change soon! Thanks so much for this opportunity 🙂

    • @daniellevillanowriter:disqus – sit-ups can be so tricky sometimes. Sometimes they hurt our necks, sometimes our stomachs, sometimes our backs. I definitely know what you mean but I know you’re getting stronger each day if you’re working on them. Good luck with the giveaway. I wish everyone could win!

  • curleedst

    The exercise I can barely do for 30 seconds are full-out SPRINTS!!!!!

    • @curleedst:disqus – oh man, I’m so with you. Adam made me sprint in place. And i have such tight hips, sprinting is so hard for me. It’s not about pushing my legs, but the lifting them and with tight hips it’s so difficult. I’m so with you!

  • Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Love Adam and his workouts are killer. Ha – 30 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time, right? My nemesis – squat jumps

    • @christinelovelifesurf:disqus – squat jumps…they’re awful but I love them. Am I weird?

  • tweetyscute

    I can only do planks for 30 seconds at a time

    • @disqus_SpJvWw3Qku:disqus – I try to do planks while I’m watching TV or reading…it takes my mind off the burn 🙂

  • I can only do Burpees for 30 seconds, I hate them!

    • @caitlynphipps:disqus- I’d like to know if anyone loves burpees? Anyone?

  • I can handle Burpees! It’s Mountain climbers that are a killer for me! Seriously– I can only last a few seconds and I consider myself in good shape

    • @PeaceLoveNutrition:disqus- it’s so interesting learning what is difficult for everyone. I love mountain climbers, but hate burpees. You MAY be the only person I know who loves burpees 🙂 good for you, girl!

  • Marie

    Supermans and butterfly kicks for 30 seconds are not the most fun parts of my workouts but I always feel great afterwards.

    • @Marie – I love supermans…I actually do feel like Superman, or Superwoman. But I agree, it’s important to focus not on what we can’t do but how great we feel afterwards.

  • Julie

    I love working out and am exercising all the time, but I can’t do push ups! The modified ones are doable, but the regular ones are my worst nightmare! I’m working on it and can’t wait to be able to do those for 30 seconds without stopping!

  • Brittany Koelmel

    I hate hate hate doing planks!

  • Justine

    Warrior III (airplane pose) in yoga often ends up with me toppling over! I’d be surprised if I can last 30 seconds in that pose.

  • jordan perkins

    I can only do crunches for 30 seconds! I hate them!

  • Laura @ FitMamaLove

    Mountain Climbers! ugh

  • ginabad

    Burpees. They KILL me!

  • Lacy

    Squats! -Lacy B.

  • sara

    Definitely burpees! 30 seconds feels like forever….

  • Mindy Martinez


  • Malia

    Mountain climbers for the win!!!