After almost a week of rest, I found myself feeling restless. I was ready to get back out there, move, and expend some energy. I ran Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday. And unlike previous training runs, all my runs this week were for fun and to shake out my body. I had no time or pace goals in mind, I didn’t care what the route was, or how long the distance was. I just wanted to run for fun. FUN!

On Sunday, I met up with the Sweaty Betty run club. Sweaty Betty is a luxury athletic apparel brand from London. You’ve seen me mention them before here. We headed out for an easy 3 mile run, but Nathaniel our running coach (who also ran last week’s NYC Marathon) had a few surprises in store for us. Every mile or so, he interspersed a circuit for us which included lunges, burpees, knee-ups, push-ups, dips, and more. It was more work than I anticipated on doing, but I was extremely grateful for the strengthening session.


There are so many free run clubs around the city, but few include strengthening sessions like Sweaty Betty’s. It almost felt like a private training session (FYI, Nathaniel IS a certified private trainer).

In order to be a better, faster, stronger runner I know I need to strengthen and build muscles than just my running muscles. There’s no doubt that my leg muscles are strong, but I need to continue to work on upper body strength, core strength, and even those lateral muscles we rarely use, and I was greatly appreciative of Nathaniel and Sweaty Betty for making me do them this particular Sunday.

While I love sharing many of the cool boutique studios in NYC on Lean Girls Club, I’m also very aware that paying for $30+ classes is not realistic for the long term. This is why I love that so many companies like Sweaty Betty (Nike, Jack Rabbit, Lululemon, and more) offer free fitness classes for the community. Working out and getting healthy, doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are so many free resources out there. You can check out my post about that here for more info.

Sweaty Betty regularly hosts free workouts in their Soho boutique, and this month’s run club meets through the end of the month. It was the perfect opportunity to work out with some new friends and see a different part of the city along our running route in downtown Manhattan. I’ll be there every Sunday through the end of the month. Why don’t you join me?



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  • I love how you find all these cool places to work out. I’ve never heard of this place but I’ll make sure to check them out.

    Oh and running and also doing a circuit? I think I would have died! LOL



    • @kyannasimone:disqus – you should definitely come out this Sunday. I will be there!

      • I might be there this Sunday, last sunday I had to work but hopefully I can make it this Sunday, we shall see.

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