Spin With Soul

My friend Jeff invited me and another friend Victoria to join him for Soul Cycle. I was eager to try since everyone from Katy Perry to Kelly Ripa has raved about the tough spin class.
I had a great instructor, Tomas, who whipped his hair back and forth like Willow Smith while leading us in a total-body work out on the spin bike. With the bumpin’ music, the lights show, and being forced to join Tomas’ hair whipping the 45 minute class flew by. I left the class feeling like it wasn’t challenging enough and rather than working out I had just left a club; however, the next day I definitely felt the soreness in my legs, back (where the pesky bra-fat is), and arms. I was definitely too distracted having fun and didn’t notice how hard I had worked. Leaving the Soul Cycle studio, I left with a smile and like my soul had been refreshed.

The classes are a bit pricey, but anything that can make 45 minutes of intense cardio and weight training fly by is worth it in my books. The facilities are modern, clean, and well managed. I will definitely be going back.

photo source: Soul Cycle & gracekelle

  • Spin is crazy. I get scared when I look inside a spin room.

    I am intrigued though. If Kelly Ripa tried it, I seriously might have to. Trying to get this booty in shape for summer.

    • You should definitely try, Mike. It’s super fun! You’d really enjoy the music as well.

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