Sound Off Yoga

Every time I try a new workout, I think to myself “it can’t get any cooler than this” and then I’m proven wrong. Last week I was invited to try Sound Off Yoga at the South Street Seaport’s SUGARCUBE venue. Sound Off Yoga is an hour-long vinyasa flow yoga session that’s set to a music mix spun by a live DJ. However, both the music and the instructor can only be heard through wireless LED headphones that ever member of the class is loaned.

Sound Off Yoga

Sound Off Yoga

The headphones are more about what you CANNOT hear more so than what you can hear. It blocks out ambient noise from the streets of New York or the annoying coughing from your neighbor. We started our class with a set of deep breaths synchronized with the sound of ocean waves. It was so relaxing! The only things missing were the sun and the smell of salt water. This moment helped me let go of my anxiety about the new job, and helped me be present and focus on the practice. It was the perfect way to ease back into working out after nursing a back injury. My arms and thighs were sore the next day!

The instruction was easy to follow (and hear!), and synchronized with the beat of the music. It made me want to dance, which we actually did do at the end of the class. We were encouraged to let go, be ourselves, and not care what anyone else thought. And with the head phones blocking out ambient noise, it reminded me that the only thoughts that matter are your own.

Sound Off Yoga

Sound Off Yoga

Check out Sound Off Yoga class to find a class near you, or to bring it to your work place.


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  • Kayla Kleinman

    The neon top is spot on 🙂

    • @kaylakleinman:disqus – we fitness bloggers don’t mess around with our gear 😉

  • Nicole

    Great post about new york city yoga . Even the pics are kinda relaxing…

    • Thanks @Angie_Ward85:disqus. It was a great class and definitely very relaxing. You’ll have to try it and let me know what you think.