how to find the right best running shoe
Finding the right running shoe is almost as difficult as finding the right guy. Oddly enough, some of us have the same approach by favoring one shoe based purely on looks. I’m typically attracted to a light, flexible shoe in bright colors but I always end up with the bulky shoe in “boy” colors.

When looking for your next running shoe, treat shoe shopping like dating.

* Seek Third-Party Opinions – seek expert advice from someone who can monitor your running from a third-party perspective. Go to a credible running store (I like The Running Company and Jack Rabbits in NYC), have the fine folks analyze your gait, be open to their suggestions, and listen to their advice.
* Is there an instant connection or do you have to think about it?
* Is there any inappropriate touching anywhere? If you feel something strange just standing there, you’ll feel it when you’re running.
* Test the waters – try running in the shoes on a treadmill. A good running store will let you return them if they’re not the perfect fit.

What’s important is not how you look in the shoes, but rather how you feel in the shoes. A good shoe, like a good boyfriend, should never cause you pain. It should help you perform and provide the best kind of support.

Running Shoes Infographic: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

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  • Oh my gosh, I love this post! Great advice! Inappropriate touching is immediate cause for rejection!

    Here in the Denver area I’ve taken a strong liking towards the Boulder Running Company. They have a really knowledgeable staff and great selection. Matt used to buy his running shoes at DSW (aka whatever was on sale and in his size) but after being fitted at BRC and having his gait tested, he is a convert and understands why I’m so picky about my running shoes!

    • Lisa- it pains me when people buy running shoes at DSW. I get it if you’re looking for a cute, street shoe. Glad matt has seen the truth!

  • Ughhh I’m so guilty of getting the colorful pretty shoes! I just got a new pair that inspire me to run cause they look so good (yes, I’m shallow like that O_o). Next pair though I promise I’ll get a proper fitting! Thanks for the PSA.

    • Quiana- I’m right there with you. I looooovvvvve the bright, colorful shoes…especially all the Nikes but they’re just not good for my training. So I’m shallow too! Just gotta remind myself to only wear them when I’m lifting weights or going to yoga 🙂

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