Sleek Technique is a portable, online fitness program incorporating ballet techniques and strength-conditioning exercises. You can take the class wherever you carry your laptop, tablet, or phone. I had the pleasure of taking Flik & Victoria’s class in NYC, but I have to admit that I was nervous to take the virtual class. I wasn’t sure if I’d get the same workout, or if it’d be “hard” enough. Read about my experience after the jump.

Once I signed up for a Sleek Technique class, I received an email confirmation with instructions on how to login. It was a bit intimidating at first because I had to download Vidyo software, but I promise it was super easy and hassle free. Vidyo is similar to YouStream, Google Hangout, or Facetime. It allows you to connect into a virtual classroom where you can see the instructor and your other classmates.
Sleek Technique classroom
Sleek Technique class
I took the 30-min sprint class with Kristen. She was welcoming and accommodating, and helped me position my web cam accordingly so that she could see me and correct my form. Unlike Facetime-ing with friends, you aren’t worried about what you look like on camera and the possible double-chin shot. I was too busy following Kristen’s direction! The web-cam gave me instant feedback on my form (if Kristen wasn’t able to), similar to what a mirror would do in a regular group fitness class.

There were lots of pliés and arabesques of various forms. Like Flik and Victoria’s live class, this class felt like a 30-min abs class. I’m always reminded how important our core strength is, and how much I neglect that area. I got my heart rate up, and even broke a sweat in a non-heated room. Was it as tough as a long run or bootcamp? No, but I definitely felt the exercises in my core and back the next day, especially in the wretched bra fat area. I always feel longer, and leaner after a Sleek class. I stand taller and with shoulders back.

I loved the portability and convenience of the class. It’s perfect for the days when you are traveling, can’t find time to go to the gym, or when it’s just too cold outside like it has been in NYC.

-Classes are scheduled on London time. The company is based in London.
-Clean your home or office, unless you’re comfortable with the instructor seeing your mess 🙂
-Have a reliable wi-fi connection.
-Engage every part of your body. If there’s no tension in your arms, legs, core, you won’t get a good workout. Be intentional with every movement.
-Use your laptop or TV. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to follow the instructor from an iphone.
-Can you find other US-based online classes? Of course. I just haven’t found one that’s ballet-based. Ultimately it’s about how much you like the instructors, and I love what Victoria & Flik stand for.

Have you ever taken a virtual, interactive fitness class? If so, how was your experience?

For more information, visit Sleek Technique’s website. Classes range from $12-$17 USD, or get access to unlimited classes for a monthly membership of $80.

Sign Up for a Sleek Technique class here.


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