Urban Rebounding is a cardio workout with a lineage in martial arts and core abdominal postures created by JB Burns. Think Tae Bo on a trampoline. Yesterday I was one of over 312 people who came together to set a new Guiness World Record for most people to workout on trampolines simultaneously. The previous record was set in 2012 with 302 people. Crazy, I know! My friend Brianne invited me, and I couldn’t say no because it was a free workout. I am ALWAYS down for a free workout.

Urban Rebounding trampoline workout sets Guiness World Record

I had never taken an Urban Rebounding class until yesterday. How hard could it be? It’s just jumping on a trampoline. Wrong. Brianne demonstrated how it’s not about how high you jump, but rather how deep you can push down on the trampoline. After having run six miles and not stretched the night prior, I could immediately feel the burn in my legs and core.

I quickly decided that Urban Rebounding is not for me. While the experience was extremely fun, I couldn’t get into a rhythm. I don’t know if that was because I was so afraid of slipping in the rain, or if I lacked the coordination to jump on beat. In my mind, trampolines are supposed to be fun and mindless as it was when I was a kid, and this wasn’t mindless for me. I did, however, appreciate that urban rebounding is easy on the joints unlike running.

When it came time to go Live on Good Morning America (yes, they a few other news networks were there to film the segment), the organizers announced that we were 25 people short of setting the record. God bless the handful of people who called their friends and solicited strangers who were waiting for the bus. And kudos to the people who were willing to be inconvenienced and have their days interrupted! Thank you!

While I won’t be doing any urban rebounding again any time soon, I am grateful for the experience to have been a part of this. In less than ten years I’ve gone from being an overweight girl, to a marathon running, world record setting, athlete. And I’ve lived to blog about it and share it with you amazing readers. It blows my mind!

I’m challenged and inspired to continue to try new things, no matter how strange they may sound. Had I said no to Brianne, I would’ve been in bed and missed out on the opportunity to set a record. Choose to SAY YES and open yourself up to new opportunities.

What do you need to SAY YES to today?

  • BriBlessed79

    The first time is always a bit wonky. It’s tough that we were also all the way in the back and couldn’t hear the music or see the instructor. Don’t count it out completely just yet! 🙂 Thank you for coming with me!

    • Thank you for inviting me, Brianne! I had fun!