Santa Monica

“I’m Muscle Screech from Muscle Beach. And I will pump. You up.” Remember that line from the best 90s show, “Saved By The Bell?”

I had the opportunity to stay in Santa Monica by the Pier, where the original Muscle Beach is located, while I was in California for a photo shoot. I’m a City girl at heart but I have to admit that running on the beach at sunrise was heavenly. Very few people were out and there were no cars or aimless pedestrians to worry about.

Central Park or the Beach? Which would you choose?


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  • Marcie Colleen

    I am totally a city girl…and I LOVE running on the city streets. On the sidewalks. I actually detest running in the park. But, when I am in Cali and I am able to run on the boardwalk of the beach I am in heaven. So beach all the way!

  • The sand definitely gives you a solid leg work out…if the running didn’t already 🙂

    I agree, the beach is heavenly. Hate to admit it because I am a big city girl like you!