Run As One 4M

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Run As One NYRR
Last weekend, I ran the Run As One 4M race. After struggling during the previous weekend’s More Fitness Half Marathon, I was a little nervous. I was mentally prepared to go out and have fun, but I wasn’t sure if my ego and heart could take another poor race.

So what did I do? I dropped all expectations. I dropped my time goal and just focused on finishing. I knew I was capable of at least that! I told myself I was going to ignore the race clock and concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. I found a girl whose pony tail swung back and forth and I was entranced by it. I found myself running to follow the pony tail.

Little did I know that the pony tail runner would help me run one of my stronger, faster races. At times when I wanted to walk or slow down, I found myself pressing forward to keep up with the pony tail.

At times when you find yourself unsure of yourself and your abilities, find someone who you consider a leader and chase them relentlessly. Let them inspire, motivate, and guide you to the finish line. This successful finish will give you courage for the next time, and leave you to inspire, motivate, and guide someone else.

PS: it appears this pose is becoming my signature pose on Instagram. V for victory! If you find yourself feeling victorious after a race or a workout, strike your victory pose and tag me. I’d love to cheer for you!