A strong core is the foundation of life. It helps with balance, strengthens back muscles, gives you tight abs, and centers you overall physically and, I believe, spiritually. I checked out Core Pilates in NYC’s hip Union Square for a Saturday class as part of the free yoga by Lululemon series.

Core Pilates Union Square NYC

I walked in to the sunny studio with two minutes to spare. I was welcomed with a quick check-in and assistance getting set up. The studio space is one large room so there is no way you can sneak in unnoticed. If you’re late, beware, all eyes are on you like in a scene in a bad high school movie.

We dove right in and started with core work. It is called Core Pilates after all. I got a good twenty to twenty-five minute core work out (abs, obliques, and back) and I didn’t do a single traditional crunch. Everything was a roll up, roll down, lift, or hold. Nothing was repetitive and our instructor, Victory, mixed up the exercises so we wouldn’t be bored.

LEAN GIRL TIP: Mixing up exercises pushes your body to adjust, adapt, and change.

Core Pilates Union Square NYC
Core Pilates review
Core Pilates studio review

Victory was clear and descriptive with her instructions. I was able to do exactly what she said and lead the class from the front of the room, even though it was my first time.

I say this time and time again, but I am truly amazed at how much of a workout we can get without weights and just our bodies.

The Good: Even when I was working my arms and legs, I was getting a core workout the whole time and was sore for three days. It was the good kind of soreness, the kind that makes you know that you’re getting stronger and not the kind that keeps you out of commission. I was pleasantly surprised because the class wasn’t intense or difficult. It reminds me that you don’t always need to be extreme to get a good workout.

Needs Improvement: Core Pilates doesn’t maximize the use of their space making it seem cluttered when it’s not. The studio is gorgeous, there’s lots of natural light, and lots of open space. There needs to be a bit of Feng Shui rearranging going on here. The lockers are in a weird space in the corner and just use the cubbies they provide under the arch window.

Tomorrow is the last day Core Pilates is the Lululemon Union Square Studio of the Month. Find out here how to sign up today to reserve your free class.

Core Pilates, classes $18-$33