After coming off marathon training and a really long winter, I decided it was time to get my butt back in better shape. So who did I call? I contacted Tony from Body Space Fitness, a training studio in NYC’s Union Square that focuses on functional fitness: exercises and workouts that help your body not only look great but help you live life better, stronger, faster, and efficiently.

Tony at Body Space Fitness and Grace Kim from Lean Girls Club

Before I was able to workout with Tony, I had to first schedule a Strategy Session with Tony.

What is a Strategy Session?

A Strategy Session at Body Space Fitness is an hour-long session spent evaluating where you are now, and where you want to be. Tony took my measurements and body fat percentage (YIKES!), but also spent time with discussing my history and what my goals are. He had me write them down. Gasp! When you write goals down, they become real and even achievable. After the paperwork, Tony began the physical portion of the evaluation. Unlike other physical fitness tests, the strategy session does not measure your fitness level. Instead, it evaluates how functional your body is and how it moves. Tony didn’t time my mile, or count how many curl-ups I could do in a minute (I would’ve killed those!). Instead, he measured my flexibility, my motion, my agility, and some of my strength. He then scored me for each movement from 1 to 3, ranging from below average to above average. I scored above average in everything except push-ups (I could’ve told you that Tony) and the hurdle-esque movement because of my issues with my right hip.

How was the work out?

I had one of my best workouts with Tony at Body Space Fitness. The workouts at Body Space Fitness all vary depending on the type of class, the trainer, and you. There are group classes, semi-private training session, boxing among other classes, and private training sessions. After my strategy session, I came back for my private training session with Tony. Tony has custom-created a workout for me based on the results of my Strategy Session. The exercises were strategically chosen to target my weak spots and help me reach my goals.

A Body Space Fitness workout is similar to the intensity of Cross Fit, but with strategy and science. Tony was able to explain every movement and what muscles I was targeting. I LOVE a trainer who explain why I’m moving one way and not another way. The workout incorporated a lot of the basic movements we know but on a more advanced level, using medicine balls, sand bags, and traditional weights. I even got to use the TRX – I LOVE TRX suspension training!

Body Space Fitness NYC

I came ready to work and Tony met me half way. He constantly pushed me. I felt strong. I felt like a professional athlete. Actually, some of the exercises I got to do mirrored the training methods of football players. I love that feeling of knowing that you can compete with the boys.

Body Space Fitness
Body Space Fitness

How is the Space?

Body Space Fitness

This is not a girly place. It’s not like many of the beautiful spin, barre, or yoga studios that I’ve featured on LGC. Body Space Fitness is where you come to work, not to be charmed by the decor. It’s all about performance and efficiency. I do love how much natural light the studio gets being on the fifth floor. I also love how they post a motivational quote by the door. The last thing you see before leaving the studio is a positive note reminding you to be grateful and positive. I personally believe your thoughts affect your body just as much as food or exercise. Half the battle begins there.

Workout Motivation from Body Space Fitness

Would I go again?

Absolutely. For me, I have to plan my finances and budget for the one-on-one workouts but it’s worth it. Maybe it’s not every week, but maybe it’s working with Tony to come up with a sustainable plan. But the point is yes, I would go again. The biggest draw for me was not only the personalized work out, but Tony himself. He’s a supportive teacher with an even more inspiring story (he’s a Leukemia survivor!). He’s committed to making a difference in the world by helping you discover your max potential. And that’s what Lean Girls Club is all about.

Body Space Fitness NYC review

To learn more about Body Space Fitness, check out their website or contact me below.


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  • Kayla Kleinman

    I adore Body Space Fitness and Tony. Their group classes are amazing!