Remix Your Workout with ASICS: 6 Reasons To Change Your Fitness Routine

I recently found myself in fitness rut. I’m running and training for the TCS NYC Marathon (remember how I ran last year too?), but I’ve been lacking inspiration and a desire to stay on course with my goals. So when ASICS asked me to participate in the “Remix Your Workout” challenge, I jumped at the opportunity to check out 5 new workouts in 5 days, with the help of the new fuzeX TR™ sneakers.

Workout #1: As soon as I received the ASICS fuzeX TR™ sneakers in the mail, I immediately was inspired to get out and move. New workout gear does that for me – it makes me feel fancy and strong. So I stole grabbed my husband’s new bike and went for a ride.

We recently moved to Brooklyn where bike riding is just as trendy as those handle bar mustaches. Getting out and riding was a great way to break a sweat, but also check out my new neighborhood. I discovered a cool art gallery I want check out, found the iconic DUMBO display I’ve seen in post cards, and enjoyed the gorgeous view of lower Manhattan.

For the next few days, I’ll be sharing my experience finding new ways to break a sweat and invite you to join me in the Remix Your Workout challenge. Here are 6 reasons you should switch up your fitness routine and Remix Your Workout too.

ASICS Remix Your Workout: 6 Reasons to Change Your Fitness Routine


ASICS fuseX Remix Your Workout

ASICS fuseX shoes cross training

1. New workouts combat boredom.
If you’re in a fitness rut like me, trying a new class or workout is the best way to find new motivation. Find a kick boxing class, check out the new hip hop yoga studio, or venture out and try tai chi. Trying something new will feel more like an adventure rather than a workout.

2. New workouts challenge your muscles and stimulate weight-loss.
When you do the same workouts over and over, you work the same muscles over and over. Your body is used to it and requires less energy to perform the function. Thus, it burns fewer calories. Switching up your movements and using different muscles requires your body to work harder, thus helping you burn more calories and combat your weight-loss plateau.

3. Meet new people.
As I’ve gotten older, I have learned that it’s become harder to make good friends. Switching up your workout routine forces you to interact with a new group of people. There’s no better way to build community or camaraderie than sweating and encouraging your neighbor to hold his/her plank for another ten seconds. Community and having like-minded people around you is the number one way to stay motivated in your health goals.

4. Discover a new talent or passion.
I discovered running because my friend Lisa at Early Morning run invited me on a run after work. I had never run in Central Park before, but I wanted to try something new. I often think how if she never asked me, my life would not be where it is now. I would not be a marathon runner, I would not be a blogger, I would not have been in Seventeen Magazine or on TV, or any of the wonderful things in my life. It’s crazy to think how different my life would have been had I not said “yes” to trying something new. Always be in pursuit of your new passion. You never know where it will lead!

5. It’s good for your brain.
New exercises forces your brain to focus and not to go into auto-pilot. The key is to find something that will keep you engaged. Reports show that exercise helps prevent memory loss and help prevent stroke.

6. Win a new pair of shoes.
Join me in the Remix Your Workout with ASICS Challenge. I’m hosting a giveaway so you have a chance to win a pair of the ASICS fuseX TR™ sneakers. For 5 days I’m showing you how I’m challenging myself with 5 different workouts. Comment below sharing a new workout you’d like to try, or share on Instagram how you #RemixYourWorkout and tag @leangirlclub. Enter by Sunday, November 6 at 11:59 pm EST for a chance to win.

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